1. Ido Berg

    Gaming Call Of Duty Mobile - i lost at #2 :/ | battle royal #5

    click on the link to help me reach my goals <3 783/1,000 subscribers! lets go :D
  2. M

    How To New to Youtube! New chapter of my life! Check me out! :)

    Hi! I am Martin Allen Mejia or for short, "MAM". The content of this Channel is Gaming, Editing and cycling. I am not a professional, i am just a freelance and self taught editor and of course, a Gamer, a PC expert and a Fixed gear Cyclist! Enjoy the Content Ya'll Since i am new to youtube, And...
  3. RaptorHD

    Dashboard Tubebuddy or VidIQ Pro!

    Hey Awesome People But this might just be me or should there be a VidIQ or tubebuddy pro we can use for FREE! My Friend Who joined scalelab has vidIQ and tubebuddy pro for free! Again i don't wanna overrhelm freedom but i would really like to see something like that! Disagree? leave your reasons.
  4. Blucky

    Unboxings & Reviews RØDE VideoMic PRO R! Unboxing, Review & Comparison VS VideoMicro!

    Hey guys and welcome back to the channel! Today im going to be doing a first review and unboxing of the RODE VideoMic Pro! I'm going to give you my thoughts and opinions on the mic its self and also how it compares to my old mic the VideoMicro!
  5. G

    Sony Vegas Help

    if anyone is really good with sony vegas pro 13 i would really like some help and if you are able to help me out one on one by emailing me thatd be amazing just let me know cause i am stumped.
  6. Original Hughes

    Gaming CSGO - Funny moments, ACE and more

    Hello everyone, Thank you for checking out my thread, this is my most recent game with my friend, we were being trolled a little by 'Yellow' but we managed to pull off the game in the end, we absolutely destroyed the enemy team... Well me and my friend did :') - let me know what you think and...
  7. ItsFuture

    Tips & Tricks How to render in 1080p 60fps - Sony Vegas Pro 13

    everything is self explanitory. Pease watch the whole video and if there are any more questions please ask them right here :) sincerely, Future
  8. Frozty Gamer

    Gaming CHINESE EVERYWHERE! - League of Legends

  9. TheDragonBoots

    Service Offering Free Video Editing (Sony Vegas Pro 13)

    I'm offering basic video editing over the summer, and possible during school time. I run my own YouTube channel, but I never feel like recording so I never have anything to edit. All I would want is a shoutout to my channel. PM for email to send raw footage for editing.
  10. Niidikene

    Gaming Epic - Pro Mobile Gamer! :)

    Hello! I'm Niidikene and I love creating amazing & Bacteria videos. Soon I'll create videos too! As a little, but fastly growing channel I think that Freedom is the best network for me :) Maybe you would like to check out my channel and leave some likes?
  11. MrLilKato

    Gaming Awptage On Nuke

  12. James Payton

    Gaming Plantera - Pro Farmer 2016!!

    Plantera is a fun side scrolled where you must build your farm and keep it safe. I have much to learn but it's sooo happy and colorful! :D Subscribe now for more daily content for you to enjoy:
  13. CirusPi

    Colaboración en Xbox Colaboracion en consola Xbox One! :D (Halo 5, Black Ops 3, GTA V, etc)

    Hola que tal, busco personas con quien jugar y pasarla bien, aligual que sacar material bueno para mis videos dentro de la consola de Xbox One, los juegos que tengo a disposicion son: - Halo 5 - Black Ops 3 - GTA V - Killer instinct - FIFA 16 - Payday 2 - SMITE Si tienen algun otro juego...
  14. AaronJayGaming

    How To Vegas Tutorial! Add cinematic bars to your videos!

    A new video I created has gone up, show casing how I myself, put the black cinematic bars on my youtube edits through sony vegas pro 13. In case any of you people would love to make your edits look more professional, watch this video! All feedback is appreciated
  15. TheFiveHive

    Gaming PRO NOOB Plays CSGO !