1. SEO 123

    In progress Ineed to join to Freedom please Help me

    Ineed to join to Freedom please Help me
  2. Cmr Pro Gaming

    Gaming 8sxope vs Yanrique Wright

    This is a PUBG MOBILE Player vs Player video about 8SXOPE VS YANRIQUE WRIGHT BEST PUBG MOBILE PLAYER so Check IT OUT Thanks for your support pubgmobile Who Is Better 8sxope or Yanrique REPLY
  3. A

    Gaming Trying to reach thousand subscribers

    Hello my name is A9TEN. I am content creator on YouTube. I have been trying to reach 1k sub for a while. Check out my videos and streams and hopefully. I will see you there
  4. ausgaming

    XBox xbox collaboration

    hey guys and girls im looking for someone people to join our group of people to casual play theses games with us battlefield 4,battlefield 1,Need for speed payback,playerunkown battle grounds,rainbow 6 siege and sea of thieves we play casual and competitive. videos i do are mainly funny moments...
  5. Heatzio

    Gaming Valley of Death [PUBG NEW MAP]

    Had some fun on the Codename: SAVAGE map on PUBG the other day. Hope you enjoy the video :), a very unfortunate ending haha. Share opinions on how I can improve my videos please :). Also, just to let everyone know. this is my new Gameplay (mainly Battle Royales) channel ...
  6. AllTheLittleThings

    Gaming Minecraft or Pubg gamers needed!

    Hi im a smaller youtuber and im looking for fun charismatic youtubers to collaborate with to be able to play pubg or start a minecraft series or maybe do some live streaming if possible If anyone has any questions dont hesitate to ask :D

    Need Suggestion

    Which weapons should i carry at the time of playing "rules of survival" types game? it is kind a PUBG type game by the way. Which is the most effective one?
  8. AmblerA

    Community Hey Guys! If you like Vlogs and Gaming Videos - AmblerA is the way!

    Hey guys! Please find the time to check out my YouTube channel... I've been at this for quite a while now and would love to have a responsive and helpful community to help my channel grow :) I upload vlogs, gaming videos, skits and more nearly every week. AmblerA BRING IT ON!
  9. G

    PC Looking for longterm squad to do youtube with (funny)(pc)

    i need someone to stream and record with for youtube because i want to have funny friends to play with we will record 2 times a week and stream every Friday discord is Zivo_Gaming#9993
  10. WatchPUBG

    Gaming PUBG Highlights - Funny Moments Ep.2

    New video is up. Subscribe for more videos in the future if you enjoy it :)
  11. WatchPUBG

    Gaming PUBG: Epic & Lucky Moments Ep.1

    Hey all, I just posted a new video. Show some love if you enjoy it :)
  12. Battle Royale Moments

    Gaming Newest video looking for feedback :)

    Hey guys this is my newest video. I think i am starting to get the hang of how many different clips for a 10 min video. Still i think there is some i can improve.
  13. WatchPUBG

    Gaming (WatchPUBG) A new PUBG highlight channel!

    Hey all! I started a new PUBG highlight video channel recently and have a few videos to share with you all. I will be uploading more regularly, so if you enjoy them feel free to subscribe/comment/like the videos as well as share your feedback here :)
  14. Battle Royale Moments

    Gaming Battle Royale moments

    Your name/alias: Battle Royale Moments Where are you from?: UK How old are you?:17 How did you find Freedom!? Actually found it years ago when I had another channel, but that didn't last long :) What are your favorite Games?: Battle Royale games, obviously. Why did you start YouTube? Well...
  15. U

    Gaming Looking for gaming youtubers to join my group!

    Hello! I've been in the scene for 5 years now. Unfortunately I went inactive due to school, and so did my subscribers. So now I started a new channel (Unoriginal Content) where I strictly upload gaming videos! I am inviting all of you to have an opportunity to join a gaming group of cool guys...
  16. handsome28951303

    Gaming A gamer from Taiwan!!(if u want play with me!!)

    Hi I'm a student from Taiwan! My nickname is Blue! I have played a lot of games like LOL PUBG Minecraft GTA VRchat etc.... My English is not very good but I still can simple communication and chat I want to be friends with many people and play games Come and talk to me! And have a nice day!Merry...
  17. NewSpark

    Gaming WE'RE PROFESSIONALS | PUBG (Funny Moments)

  18. Zatomic


    i just started recording on the game PUBG. please support me by hitting that like button and subscribe button
  19. Caz

    Live Gaming in the Freedom! HQ Stream Room

    Consider this as a somewhat unofficial thread for the live streaming sessions I host on a TBD schedule. If this becomes a thing on a regular basis, that would be awesome! As of right now (November 11 2017) here are the games I can host/play during the live stream: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS...
  20. SpoofTV

    Gaming SpoofTV here!

    Hey, guys! My name is Tyler or SpoofTV. I'm 18 years old and just recently started making content on YouTube and trying to gain an audience. I make highlights videos with friends and I like to keep things fun and interesting with any kind of humor! I upload every Sunday so feel free to check out...