1. ColeTheSloth

    Gaming Rainbow Six Siege | Funny Ranked Game

    Hello everyone, I made a video of a funny game of ranked in Rainbow Six Siege with some randoms I met in a game previously. This video does have some pretty strong language so keep that in mind before watching as I know it is not for everyone! In this video I was being critiqued by some of the...
  2. JunkdudeHD

    GFX Thumbnails Rainbow Six Siege Rook Thumbnail Template 2017-08-18

    A free to use R6S thumbnail template! Terms & Conditions are listed on the download page.
  3. TeeGee

    Gaming R6S: Echo!

    Two new operators were unlocked today on Rainbow Six Siege for everyone to enjoy! I got "Echo" And tried him out in this video: If you enjoy please leave a like, and Subscribe for daily gaming videos and livestreams!
  4. TeeGee

    Gaming [Comedy] Hilarious People on Rainbow 6 Siege! xD

    I met the funniest people on Rainbow Six Siege today. I think you might enjoy watching: :p:) If you enjoyed please leave a like, and Subscribe for daily gaming videos and Livestreams!!
  5. ItsLans

    Gaming Hey, im Lans

    Hey im Harry but i go by Lans to most of my online friends, I found freedom through a friend recommending it. I joined their forums to meet new friends, and help myself grow. I started YouTube because i thought it would be fun (I was right). I run a gaming channel with just over 1k and mainly...