1. NinjaZombieGaming

    Service Tired of working jobs I hate.

    Alright. so I'm tired of working under corporations and not doing what I really enjoy for a living, I've worked half my adult life in sales and the other half in shipping warehouses. While I don't mind the job themselves, I actually hate working under the companies I've worked at. I never agree...
  2. Jonathan

    GFX Misc Improved C.R.I.B Icons 11/05/2017 (Update #3)

    (Icon preview, images are 1/4 actual size in this preview) So I recently found a few more GTX tools I didn't know I had and though I'd make some flat design icons to improve on Ashely's C.R.I.B Icon pack (seen here). What I've done here is made them all the same flat circle design with white...
  3. Crazylawrence

    FFF Freedom! Forum Fridays

    Hello Freedom! Family! It is the start of the Christmas spirit, but also a new weekly wrap-up which will be produced by me, @Nerd and @zeke morgan to highlight the best tips, guides and reviews for the community, as well as selecting the most outstanding milestones and introductions here on the...
  4. Prandall

    Service Editing and GFX design

    Offering editing and GFX design services. Let's face it, nobody enjoys editing. I edit all of my videos, and films and I know how frustrating it can be. I'd love to do the hard part for you. Whether it's editing a lets play or even a film. I will also design channel logos or pictures for...
  5. ahsan

    Music channel collaboration

    Hi Guyz i am new to the freedom family, anyone want to collaborate with my i have a dance channel where i post my original dance videos and choreographies i post 100% original content i donot copy from anyone. please help me grow.!