1. TheCodyNetwork

    Comedy Yanny vs. Laurel Parody!

    WAZZUP!! If you've heard about the Yanny vs. Laurel Debate, then I've got some news for you: There's a new version on YouTube right now, and it's a debate on the name CODY! (coincidence?) Anyways, go check it out! ENJOY! :) If you enjoyed the video, please like, comment, subscribe, and...

    Gaming Creepy but cool horror game | MOKKI

    If you enjoyed this video feel free to leave a like and a comment, If you are new to the channel feel free to subscribe and hit that bell icon the get notifications on when I have something new up on the channel
  3. gunsage

    YouTube As a gamer, I've been wondering...

    What are people looking more for on youtube: short vids or long? So hear me out. For most of us, short videos are super easy to digest and allow for easily bingeable content. Several channels that have adopted the vine format, for example, have lots of 30 second or less videos that have a...
  4. Tilairgan

    Service Request (UNPAID) Voice Acting and Other Positions for Machinima

    Into Exile is a Sci-Fi Prison Drama Minecraft Machinima being directed by Joshua V. Harding and published by Tilairgan. The story takes place mostly on a space prison and follows a prisoner who is innocent, for the most part. He soon realizes that this prison is a lot different than he expected...
  5. Jonathan

    Audio Dalston Question 09/05/2017 (Creation)

    So there will be a visualiser here in the next few days with a preview of the audio. My PC is currently down so I can't edit and make one for it. For now text will have to do :(. This was generated by AI and sounds rather nice. I though I'd share it with you. You can use this in your video and...
  6. Brent Cone

    Film/Animation Short Horror Film - HAPPY HALLOWEEN

    I'm finally back to making videos after being gone for 10 months & I uploaded a short horror film on Halloween! :) I'd love to hear all your thoughts as I really want some feedback so I can improve and provide better content from now on! <3 ROCK ON FREEDOM FAMILY, I'M BACK!!!
  7. Fredman

    Entertainment #ClownLivesMatter

    the violence needs to stop!!!!!
  8. Christina Kersten

    Entertainment I'm super short guys!

    So I'm pretty short and it kinda sucks. I made a video about it last week, but this week, I decided to be a bit more positive and I made a video about some of the perks of being short. Hope you guys enjoy and if you're short too, tell me how you feel about being short!
  9. J

    Entertainment Hello, I'm an animation channel

    Hello! I'm J.D SFM, and I'm an animation channel. My animations are Team Fortress 2 themed and I create them in a 3D animating program called "Source Filmmaker". I'm not a professional animator, but I keep practising so I can improve. Thanks for reading this post and if you have any questions...
  10. N

    Gaming Norwegian Gaming!

    Your name/alias: NorwegianGamers Where are you from?: Norway How old are you?: 14 How did you find Freedom!?: By downloading Heartbeat What made you join our forums?: By people telling me they got tons of viewers, subscribers and friends by posting here on Introduce yourself. What are your...
  11. GlowingDude

    Gaming Mushroom 11 Gameplay

    Hello Everyone!!! Ok so waaaaaaaay too many things happened while recording and editing this video XD Firstly my laptop's battery was about to die out while recording (I couldnt connect the power cord coz i get this weird bass in the audio ) and while editing i nearly messed up my laptop coz i...
  12. BlueBard

    Entertainment The Red Dragon Grimoire

    A short video about the Grimoire, The Red Dragon. Please let me know what you think, and if I should change anything :)
  13. TreyWoodVlogs

    VLOG YouTube Intro

    Hey guys! My name is Trey Wood. My YouTube channel is Trey Freaking Wood. I am 19 years old and I found Freedom when one of the videos came up on my homepage. I joined the forums to meet some other like-minded YouTubers who are as passionate about making content as I am and to share ideas. I...
  14. Crimson

    Gaming Worlds Shortest Garrys mod Compilation

    Yes this may be one of the shortest you have seen! but its all in effort to improve my editing! Thanks for viewing and please enjoy. If you happen to enjoy do me a favor by hitting that subscribe button!
  15. J

    Gaming A Different Style of YouTube Videos

    Hey guys, Big Rigg here representing whatevenproductionz. Our channel is run by me and 2 of my friends. We have uploaded a couple of longer videos before but the majority of our videos are short clips under 2 minutes. Some examples of games we play are: GTA 5, NBA 2k16, and Bloons Tower Defense...
  16. Underwear Scare

    Gaming Dual Upload Competition

    What's up! I'm Underwear Scare and I have been doing gaming Youtube videos for over a year now. I make some pretty high quality videos now (compared to my old ones for sure), and I had an idea. I'm looking for someone mildly creative, so if you aren't then you may as well click away. If you...
  17. Forward Ho!

    Entertainment John Buhr of Forward Ho! Productions...

    Hello all! I'm John and I make VFX filled shorts based on video games... My main reason for being on YouTube is because I have a passion for filmmaking, and I also enjoy playing video games, so I thought, why not mix them together in a way that makes for good entertainment! So I bring you...