1. Hyderpony

    Subscriber Milestone 16,000k Subs

    I have now past 16 k Subs on my channel.
  2. travellingmonk

    YouTube how content get viral on youtube? i am unaware

    hi i have seen various videos on youtube getting viral and really surprised the kind of growth they achieved. did you face the same thing ever? i am working on youtube and trying to put cameras, lights , writings , etc on place but sometimes get discouraged when work is not being acknowledged !
  3. Ghen tech

    Subscriber Milestone Yay, have passed 400 subscribers

    Am slowly growing. Thanks to you all. Really want to grow faster. Who have gone ahead? Please show us the way
  4. lipclip

    Community health wealth and everything else! LipClip Productions

    hello N8 here very new to this whole youtube/online presences. so about me i am a musician/business owner, investor, and among other things. the opportunity to earn is everywhere and i want to expand that with the use of youtube and try to create a passive income online. i found your guys...
  5. O

    News and if we share of channel of youtube and subscribe all together?

    what say everybody? this is my channel:
  6. SoundEffect

    YouTube 4000 Hours

    Why did their viewing times become so difficult
  7. Alvaro-Mati Viilver

    Gaming Need help youtube new demand

    Hello! My name is Alvaro-Mati Viiover and im Estonian youtuber I would put my channel to here , yeah i make estonian language videos what you don´t understund but you hopefully can use subtitles or then just watch my some of the gaming videos. On other english youtuber "YAYA nice day" is to...
  8. avrona

    YouTube Dropped to D+ Grade on Social Blade? Is This Bad?

    So when I checked my Social Blade statistics yesterday, I saw that my grade dropped from a C- to D+. So I started to wonder about the consequences for my channel. If it's doing so badly, what will happen, and what can I do about it? This is the lowest it has been since I started my channel and...
  9. K

    Community Introducing Myself

    Hi so on YouTube I make gaming videos, vlogs, and gfx videos. Please go subscribe to my channel. KillSwitchOP Gaming and look at the last video!
  10. Takedownman

    Educational Collaborate With Livestream Talk Show! 140K + Subs!

    Ok so this whole livestream thing is new to me and I have been working on building a community and so far it is working REALLY well. I am trying to turn this into a talk show where we speak on conspiracies, life, mental disorders, research, science, ect, I have been doing this in an interactive...
  11. multigamefreakz

    YouTube Struggling to get past 800 subs

    hi youtubers our goal at the moment is to reach 1000 subs, we have about 813 at the current moment, any advice or tips to help us achieve this would be greatly appreciated, we kinda have peaks and then steadily decline and we get stuck with the youtube shuffle. then all of a sudden we get a few...
  12. Zlastogini

    Abonnees stijgen niet.

    Hallo, Ik ben Zlastogini een Horror Game kanaal. Ik heb een probleem, en dat is dat is dat ik al een tijdje geen abonnees er meer bij krijg? Kan iemand me helpen? Alvast Bedankt! Zlastogini.
  13. Christine oukaci

    Entertainment YouTube Newbie

    Hey Guys, I hope everyone is well? My son is a huge YouTube fan and we created his own channel on his wishes a month ago, Zayn is 4 yrs. I was wondering ,can we comment on other popular youtube kids channels or will be get banned if we do so? As with everyone we want to build up a following /...
  14. HealPleaseHeal

    YouTube I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

    First and foremost, I believe i'm in the right section to request some opinions from other creators on this subject, if not I do apologize for that. Primarily, I feel like I'm doing something wrong on Youtube. Now, I wanted to start off by saying that I don't want people to think I'm in this...
  15. K Army Gaming

    100 Sub Special?

    To all who's below 100 subs what are your ideas for that milestone? Are you gonna do a giveaway A 100 sub special? or just a plain thank you video :D Leave comments
  16. Glorious

    Tips & Tricks I Need Help with My Channel!

    I need some tips on how to get more views and subscribers. I'm not trying to grow over night but at least get around 100+ subs a month. I want an audience that likes my videos. Need help getting my channel out there. I've used a bunch of media and it doesn't seem to work that much. Also tags...
  17. E

    Gaming NEW MAN

    Hello I'm new I want your support even SUBSCRIBE Thank you for accepting me in your community
  18. Rahul Baskey

    Subscriber Milestone Finally I Got 370 Subscribers

    I Am Very Happy As For Now I Am Recieving 30k Views Per Month, 30 Subscriber Every Month And Also I Have Only 9 Videos. I Got A TOTAL OF 33k Views (Approx.) In My Channel. I Will Do More Great Stuffs To Do 95% More Good Progress.
  19. KuyasKorner

    Subscriber Milestone 30 Subs! Finally!

    After so many months I finally got 30 subs! Though I'm not sure if I should really be that excited because most of them are friends and family. Still feels good to see this number though. Hope to see more in the future.
  20. BluEdge Chekpoint

    Whats important? Comments, Likes, Subs?

    In a way for our group we believe that the comments are the most important. Looking at it as a way to communicate with everyone that watch's the videos, and also giving us feedback on every video. Don't get us wrong the likes and subscribers means a lot as well but we are focusing more on...