1. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 120 SUBSCIBERS!

    Yay! 120 subscribers! Don't forget to subscribe please: Watch my newest video:
  2. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 82 SUBSCRIBERS!

    Yay! 82 SUBS! Yesterday I had 78 and now 82! Also, don't forget to like and subscribe!
  3. CristoferK

    How To Create your own APP or WEBSITE fast and free!

    Hello! I am new here! I am making programming tutorials for everyone! By watching my videos you will learn how to code your own website! Please subscribe!
  4. travellingmonk

    Community what kind of vlogs you love to watch ?

    let's see the kind of audience we have here !
  5. Mika the Gamer Wolf

    Entertainment My YouTube Story of Mika the Gamer Wolf

    Hello, this is my story for the past two years on YouTube (My first channel) So, this is where it all started: on May, 10 2018 with just Mika as my channel name. Then on Jan, 16 2019 I changed my Name to PewDieMika to find my Channel Faster and Easier On Jul, 10 2019 I hit 1k Subscribers but...
  6. HarriTech

    Subscriber Milestone 45 subs milestone

    Thanks a lot everyone that has supported me so far.
  7. Liano

    Music Introduction

    Hi guys, I'm a music producer from India, and also a part of Bluegrass Production, which is a small group of four of us, who primarily work with acoustic music. This is my channel:
  8. M

    Comedy Hey, My name is MathiasOdiase and im new to freedom networks

    Ayee, check out my YouTube channel to watch this crazy funny video Extreme Addiction to Breathing
  9. M

    Watch Time Milestone Ayee, y'all just got me to 40 hrs watchtime

    Thanks a lot guys for supporting me until my watch time's started increasing, love y'all, you're the best:);)
  10. A


    We are new here and are aspiring to grow our youtube channel! We create fun content for everyone. We'd appreciate any new subscribers and would love to meet new creative people too !
  11. Roger Perry

    VLOG Why am I not getting subscribers?

    Well My YouTube journey hasn't been easy for me these days The competition is getting tighter and things are getting harder but I ain't gonna give up Hey guys I really wanna change my name on YouTube but I don't know what to use so I'd really appreciate it if any of you could suggest anything...
  12. Cephalon

    Gaming Check out my Gaming Channel, GD CephalonHQ!!

    Hey everyone, I'm Cephalon. Recently I set up a gaming channel widely for the Geometry Dash community; it is called GD CephalonHQ. I've seen substantial growth but I really want to take the channel a lot further. On it, I do all sorts, such as: -Nintendo Switch Livestreams -Geometry Dash...
  13. EL PimpolloTv

    News un sueño...

    la verdad hice un post y olvide decir... esto de youtube es un sueño para mi no lo hago por dinero solo quiero que la gente me conozca y no es por fama es para que vean lo que podria llegar a ser. :)
  14. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Subscriber Milestone 6K subscribers reached!

    So on my Gaming channel, Ive just hit 6,000 subscribers! an amazing achievement, I started the channel back in 2010, I was excited when I got 1 subscriber, over the moon at 10, astonished at 100, blow away at 1,000. Now im at over 6,000 subscribers. I will be honest I did have a 8 months break...
  15. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Subscriber Milestone 600 Subscribers!!

    So I just hit 600 subscribers and it feels great! cant believe I made it to 600 subs! I started this year with 413 subscribers, now 9 months later I gained 187 new subs. and with that a ton of support. I began posting 5 new videos a week for 6 months straight, now onto a new schedule of 2-3...
  16. T

    Film/Animation Welcome To Our Channel

    This is our channel trailer in our new youtube channel Hey there everybody welcome to the channel This Channel is control by my brother, Enderbox and Danix In this channel you will meet a very good friend of ours named Edward, where he can morph into anything but he has to find the crystals...
  17. iWi Gaming

    Subscriber Milestone Nearly there!

    I hit my 100 subs but really finding it difficult to hit that 150! Not far off now on 145.

    Vídeos novos WELL FIGHTER! 02/05/2018

    Olá pessoal te convido pra verem MEus novos vídeos e se inscrevem ao meu canal pessoal ^^ Keep On Fighting Esses Duendes gostam de Aventuras COlossus apanhou muito! Vem descubrir 5 personagens onipotentes dos anime
  19. Tomi Alao

    Entertainment Please help me reach a goal of 1000 subscribers.

    Please I want you guys to help me reach 1000 subscribers. Please i have been stuck on 100 for a very long time. Please help me grow, thanks. Subscribe: Snipperlover Skills
  20. Heroic Studios

    Comedy Hey everyone, check out this channel for comedy videos!

    This is our youtube channel. We make funny comical animation videos. Check it out for a good laugh! I also do not do sub 4 sub, I want active viewers.