1. R

    Tech Ideas for a Technology Detox

    How you select to step away depends on you, but here are some opinions to start your technology mental cleanse. Check your phone and social media just once a day. Put your phone in another room at night before you sleep. Remove social media apps from your phone. Opt out of social media...
  2. Carl D

    ever been concerned or just worried about the internet?

    I don't like making controversial topics, but has any been concerned of what is going on in the web or are y'all just going with the flow I'm kinda curious to know. for me I'm concerned but keeping more to myself because I don't like to offend anybody.
  3. Dr. Dunk

    Gaming Play console games on your PC with emulators!

    As some of you already know you can play console games on PC, sometimes even with improved graphics with emulators! lately I have been focussing my content on the more recent emulators, like yuzu, cemu, citra, orbital and more (Switch, Wii U, 3DS, PS4 and more). With my videos I try to inform...
  4. Dr. Dunk

    Gaming I need to reintroduce myself

    It has been a while since i started this channel. When I started it was called Dr Dunk and I was making gaming videos on the regular. This didn't work out and I started making videos about technology, which worked pretty good. Meanwhile I also started making tutorials about various topics...
  5. ThingsX

    Educational (Best Video Ever) Cosmic Civilisation

    Where do We fit in a Time Scale Within The Next Millennia.
  6. D

    Tech DC World

    Hello guys, I am Shivam Mishra, and I am from India! I was looking for an adsense Partnership, when one of my cousins told me about Freedom! Partnership, how it compares and is better than Adsense partnership!! So, without any further ado, I just googled it and found it out. I like making...
  7. Geeky hunters

    VR I need collab for my how to tech channel.,, Visit my channel for more.

    Friends i need collab..pls message me
  8. Dr. Dunk

    Tech Want to learn more stuff about technology?

    I'm Dr. Dunk, I post a lot tech related stuff and also some tutorials to help you out with recordings etc. If you're interested in PC technology you should consider checking out my channel! I also do tutorials and some gaming, so if that's your thing go ahead and check those out. I'm always...
  9. Frosted Technology

    Tech Technology Channel!

    Hey guys my name is Cody. I recently changed my named from Frosted Technology to my personal name (Cody Leung) to make my YouTube channel more personal to me. I just wanted to put this here to promote my channel a little so people can know who I am! On my channel I'm going to be doing reviews...
  10. SUCtv_

    Entertainment Hi there, We are SUCtv Straight Up Critics

    Hi Everyone. We are SUCtv better known/sounding as Straight Up Critics. We are two brothers that provide good quality simple entertainment by simply talking about things and subjects that the normal everyday person thinks but may not always have a conversation about. It could be because their...
  11. Technology King

    Other Milestone A very important period in my life starts..

    Hello. If you ever read my story, i started uploading on Youtube when i was diagnosed cancer and i really put a lot of effort in my channel. Any time soon, in like 10-15 days, i should go and have my 4th surgery, which will be one of the most important ones. I am sorry if this is not a correct...
  12. Frosted Technology

    Subscriber Milestone 300 SUBS!!!!!

    Just less than 3 weeks ago I hit 200 subs, now I hit 300! Im happy to say that my channel is growing pretty fast! Gaining over 100 subs in less than a month has never happened to me before! Thank you anyone who has subbed and supported my channel! Best Regards, Cody
  13. Frosted Technology

    Subscriber Milestone 200 SUBSCRIBERS

    Hey guys I've just surpassed one of my biggest goals that I've never thought would be ever pass! I just passed 200 subscribers, just less then 1 month ago I passed 100 subscribers, and now I hit 200! I'm glad that my channel is growing fast! Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to me! My next...
  14. techflow360

    YouTube Gaining No progress. Any Suggestion?

    Hello Guys. Opened a new channel. Been there almost for 3 weeks now. Also have some contents till date. But not getting enough views. Guess not getting discovered on youtube search algorithm. So any suggestion on how to be discovered? Thank you :)
  15. techflow360

    Tech A Brand New Tech Channel Need Your Support :)

    Hello Guys, This is Sonel from a brand new youtube channel Tech Flow 360: As the name suggests, it's starting as a tech channel. But due to low on budget, currently only able to feature some general tips and tricks over internet...
  16. Texted

    Tech Hello I am Technology Rex

    Hi I am new and my youtube channel is about making technology videos I am fairly new to you and I am trying to grow my youtube channel. If you watch my videos then you would know that I am fairly young and obviously an amateur. I do have big plans for my youtube channel and wish that people...
  17. Frosted Technology

    Subscriber Milestone 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!

    Hey guys! I would like to a say I've hit 100 subscribers!!!!! Just about 3 days ago I've posted that's I've reached 85 subscribers, in that short period of time I've gained 15 subscribers! I would like to take this time to thank all of you who have subscribed and checked out my channel! My goal...
  18. Frosted Technology

    Subscriber Milestone 85 Subscribers!!!!!

    Hey guys I'm glad to say that I've reached a very long time goal of mine of 85 subs! It's been about good 10 months since I've started! Now it's on the road to 100 Subs! I would also like to thank you everyone who have subbed to me!
  19. T

    Service Request Reviewing Items

    Hello guys i will review your items which is related to technology like mobile,computer parts(keyboard,mouse etc),headphones,earphones etc.. like that for free if any one is intersted comment me..
  20. Technology King

    Tech My wishes...:)

    Hello everyone. I stared Youtubing when i got cancer, and it motivated me to record and upload videos, Youtube gives me some inner strenght maybe. I am still fighting cancer, but i am better. Currently, i am at 106 subscribers. My wish is to get 150 until New Year, if it is possible. I love...