1. Anthony Smith

    GFX Cool, Clean, Rugged, a complete art package!! 1.0

    This full graphics pack includes a channel banner, Thumbnail templates, and avatar/channel icon that you can edit to your liking. This is a classic, elegant, and still somehow cool look for any channel that doesn't mind the darker color palette.
  2. Anthony Smith

    GFX Flexible template for any channel type 2017-03-01

    This complete pack of resources includes a customizable avatar, thumbnails, and channel banner for YouTube. This was designed with maximum flexibility in mind and can be modified by changing the text and or the hue and saturation sliders to match the colors and vibe that you're after. The color...
  3. Red Bean

    Can anyone here do a BF1 thumbnail? (Details included below)

    I'm working on a BF1 video and I want to see if anyone here could do a thumbnail with a soldier sitting back in safety holding a camera filming his friends who are getting destroyed by the enemy. You don't need to do anything incredibly difficult, in fact, doing cartoon-like soldiers would be...
  4. Tom Cryer

    Service Free Thumbnail Design/Help

    I'd be happy to create simple thumbnails for anyone who wants them. Look at my channel for some of the examples of my work: My skype is: 'Tom Cryer' and my email is '[email protected]' contact me if interested.
  5. FireFoxYT

    Intermediate graphic designer at your service!

    I'm a 16-year-old boy from Denmark who enjoys making graphics and help other people with designs and such. I'm an intermediate graphic designer I would say myself, long from an expert, but I might get there someday. I would LOVE to make or at least try making a banner, overlay, thumbnail, logo...
  6. Chritical

    Anyone want to help make a cartoon for my channel

    I want a cartoon that looks more like me. Maybe more.
  7. Scalperhero

    I working on making better thumbnails

    one of my thumbnails i wouldn't mind some opinions on it
  8. Drawyah

    Request Channel professionalism overall

    Hey guys, Just a small favour I ask, how would you guys rate my channel when it comes to professionalism? I don't think I'm doing too bad, but I never know what you guys may say. Look through my channel, links, thumbnails, outro, and tell me if you guys think I'm on the right track or should...
  9. D

    Decent minecraft gfx get them while free

    ok so i am making gfx for people that can't make themself and i am not a professional im only a starter but the starters that i see idk just bad so if you need one get one while free i need your: Skype Channel Type of channel example pvp or survival Color scheme And finaly i want to know why...
  10. Usgamers

    Service Cheap YT graphics

    Being big on youtube is hard, you have to have good equipment, original ideas and an open mind, but unfortunately many people wont click on your video because the thumbnail is bad, 1st impressions are important because it can get you the views. I have been using photoshop for many years now and...
  11. D

    GFX Check me out on Fiverr!

    Hi, my name's Arthur. I create designs for the fun of it and also because I have nothing else to do :/. As stated in the title, I have a portfolio on this website called Fiverr. Basically, Fiverr is a freelance store where people can carry out digital services. For me, obviously, I am a designer...
  12. XPC Gaming

    GFX Request 10,000 Views Montage Thumbnail

    Hello. I am looking for someone to make me a thumbnail for free using the attached photo as a background. I play grand theft auto 5, and sometimes I do news videos. I don't mind if you include stuff to do with this on the thumbnail or not. Thanks.
  13. Gamenatic

    Service Help you get more subs ,get noticed and Art!

    Hey How you doing guys Gamenatic here and today i just want to introduce you to the program i am doing !its a personal assistant thing where i help you get more subscribers(WITHOUT SUB4SUB) ,views, Give you professional advice (doing youtube for 4 years) help you make daily thumbnails,promote...
  14. Rhys fouracre

    GFX Request Personal thumbnail maker. FREE

    I have lost an email to a person who was gonna make me a thumbnail. Games include Shellshock Geogusser Classic Euro truck streams Please email me [email protected] Or skype rhys.fouracre1 Also leave a response so i dobt forget your name.
  15. TheWhiteLugia

    Made a C L E A N banner for 2017. Thoughts?

  16. Johnny's Graphics

    Service I'm doing free graphics for anyone interested!

    I'm doing youtube graphics for anyone who might be interested. For now I'm not charging people but if I start to get more and more requests I may start charging for them. Here is a short portfolio of a few of the designs I have done for people already. Also here is the link to my youtube...
  17. T

    GFX Request Thumbnail Artists

    Hi, I am looking for a YouTube thumbnail artist who can do my thumbnails. I have 207 subs and I don't care about the quality. I will put your channel in the descriptions of my videos. Please let me know if you will help. Jax (Odd_YT)
  18. superdevilmadnesshd

    GFX Request Positon has been filled

    As My Gfx artist i will pay you $20 a month. every 100 subs i get you will get another $1 added on to your pay. I will need a thumbnail done within 24hrs of me giving you the directions. If it takes longer than the 24hr time limit pay will be docked a little bit. But you can make that up if you...
  19. Video Olympics

    Service Free Thumbnails!

    I will make you free thumbnails for all freedom partners. Here is an example to let you know my style DM for free stuff :P
  20. K

    Service Channel Artwork

    PRODUCTS Logos: 3$ Banners: 5$ Overlays: 5$ Endcards: 3$ Thumbnails: 2$ & More PACKAGES Logo & Banner: 6$ Twitch Revamp: 10$ YouTube Revamp: 10$ Logo, Banner, Endcard & 3 Thumbnails: 12$ ________________________________________ If you want any of these then pm me. <3