1. JuicyProspects

    Entertainment A New Channel: Juicy Prospects

    My YouTube channel is called "Juicy Prospects". I am a big fan of DC, Marvel, WWE, Movies, Filmmaking, Storytelling and Video Games. I made my way to the Freedom! community because my friend reccommended this network. Also, I watched the network's videos and it seemed very interesting and...
  2. Anthony Smith

    Audio Epic Movie Trailer Announcer pack 2016-06-09

    In a world where one man, er... woman... nongender specific person... You know what? I give up. But hey while I was setting a lot of this stuff up and day dreaming about how people might use C.R.I.B. I put this pack together of common "movie trailer" troupes said differently there's almost 150...
  3. GamesAreEasy

    GFX Hello I'm Ross - TheTrailerMaker

    I have a YouTube channel called "GamesAreEasy - The Trailer Maker" Specifically. I make, what I like to call as "Tribute Trailers" and these are basically moments from a TV Show/Movie that I put together with Awesome music (Mainly from I do it in a way it is smooth with some...