1. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 120 SUBSCIBERS!

    Yay! 120 subscribers! Don't forget to subscribe please: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzeA3xC-_i4ZT-XwcwsJxQ Watch my newest video:
  2. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 100 SUBSCRIBERS!

    YAY! finally 100 subscribers!
  3. CristoferK

    YouTube How to make my tutorials better?

    If yes how do you want my tutorial to be? With voice, without voice. With intro without intro, etc. Also what type of music you will want there to be? Also say your own tips please! Please reply! ^^ P.S. I am asking this because I want to know how to make my programming tutorials better for...
  4. CristoferK

    Subscriber Milestone 75 Subscribers! Yay!

    75 Subscribers! Yay! 75 Subscribers! Big thanks to everyone who is a subscriber! So close to 100 subscribers! If you want to learn programming fast and free my channel is for you! ^^ Also new videos every week! Please Subscribe!
  5. CristoferK

    How To Create your own APP or WEBSITE fast and free!

    Hello! I am new here! I am making programming tutorials for everyone! By watching my videos you will learn how to code your own website! Please subscribe!
  6. Carl D

    What kind of tutorials do y'all use to make thumbnails?

    What kind of tutorials y'all use to make thumbnails stand out? I've been trying new methods but I wanted to ask what the community use and do.
  7. Carl D

    Do y'all watch fitness tutorials?

    So lately I've been working out and I'd been watching some tutorials for fitness workouts for beginners, I also asked some of my friends workout techniques. But I wanted to ask the community if y'all watch some fitness channels?
  8. DefDesigns

    GFX Graphic Design Channel! HeyGuys!

    HeyGuys! I'm Dylan or mainly know as Def. I've been a Graphic Designer for almost two years, which is my full-time job. Recently I've decided to start up my Graphics channel again. I'm going to be uploading things from Speedarts, Tutorials, Free Templates, etc! If any of these things interest...
  9. AllVisuals 4U

    Educational This is AllVisuals4U!

    Dear members, This is AllVisuals4U: Learn to use software better by watching quick visual tutorials. A simple action could make a big difference! Watch them with your own music on! No voice overs, just English and Dutch subtitles. Didn't get it? Watch it again! You can also watch random 3D...
  10. AllVisuals 4U

    Dit is AllVisuals4U!

    Beste leden, Dit is AllVisuals4U: Leer software beter te gebruiken door snelle visuele instructies te bekijken. Een simpele actie kan een groot verschil maken! Bekijk ze met je eigen muziek op! Geen voice-overs, alleen Engelse en Nederlandse ondertiteling. Heb je het niet begrepen? Bekijk het...
  11. Cerplex

    Gaming Hello, welcome to my channel!

    Hello! I'm Cerplex. I only have about 14 subscribers and I make videos on youtube channel tips, tutorials, gaming, etc! Check me out please! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqSYGj_rI10C_nOJWVMrCrg
  12. 20 Minuten After Effects

    GFX Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe

    Hallo Freedom Community. Wie einige von euch wissen betreibe ich seit ein paar Tagen einen Youtube Kanal zum Thema After Effects. Jetzt habe ich überlegt wie kann ich der Freedom Community helfen und habe mir folgendes überlegt: Ich biete euch Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe an. Heisst: Wenn ihr mit...
  13. 20 Minuten After Effects

    20 Minuten After Effects sagt hallo

    Hallo zusammen. Mein Name ist Michael und ich erstelle After Effects Tutorials. Bin jederzeit für Cross Promo Projekte oder gemeinsames Aufnehmen offen. Wie alt bist du ?: 28 Wie bist du auf Freedom! gekommen? Kenne es schon lange durch die George Show. Was sind deine Hobbys ?: Nerdiger...
  14. H

    How To life hack charging phone use coins

    Saya baru pertama kali ini masuk dan posting di forum ini, dan saya masih bingung harus menulis dimana dan bagaimana, saya hanya ingin bantuan dari anggota forum disini untuk melihat video saya dan klik iklan, karna akhir-akhir ini pendapatan saya menurun.
  15. Dr. Dunk

    Tech Want to learn more stuff about technology?

    I'm Dr. Dunk, I post a lot tech related stuff and also some tutorials to help you out with recordings etc. If you're interested in PC technology you should consider checking out my channel! I also do tutorials and some gaming, so if that's your thing go ahead and check those out. I'm always...
  16. N

    Gaming Hello, I am Newly Created Youtuber Who Does Gaming Videos!

    Hello, I am "Nightly Fog" and I am a newly created youtuber who had just created his account two days ago. My goal is to be a successful youtuber and maybe someday be famous. I would like to partner with "Freedom", but I need your guys help to reach 10,000 views. I would like to thank all of...
  17. S

    How To Sondre/Magic - Card Tricks Channel

    Hi my name is Sondre im 18 years old im from Norway. My hobby is Magic so i made a channel to learn card tricks away and make performance videos and more.
  18. December Crews

    How To December Crews

    Hey Guys! December Crews here, we're a channel on YouTube that Uploads 3-4 Times a week, we upload photoshops Tutorials, Internet Tricks,Compilations,iMovie Tutorials, and my friend(other half of DecemberCrews) posts GeometryDash Profiles, and if you request a PP for your Profile, you can do it...
  19. Ash

    VLOG Teen Vloggers Out There?

    Hi! I'm Ash/Asher! I'm sixteen and run a new (but growing quickly, I have almost 100 subs rn) channel. My initial channel is a vlog and comedy type channel where I talk a lot about LGBTQIA issues (I am bisexual and trans) and my general life. However, I am also starting a second BEAUTY...
  20. Centalic

    Entertainment My Parkour Channel and Some Content!

    Hello Freedom, my name is Centalic. On my channel I try to make Vlog/Parkour and Freerunning videos. Not many people in the community are into parkour and that's why I made my channel. If people are into parkour most of the time all I see in their content is a bunch of flips and I try not to add...