1. Chathurinda

    How To hey guys I'm new to freedom ,checkout my youtube channel Chathurinda711

    Hi guys I'm a 22 year old science undergraduate who loves making things and Arts. I started my youtube channel like 3 years ago mainly to show the world my drawings. but after that I made DIY tutorials for like archery equipments , cosplay props , Assassin's creed gear etc. I'm also into...
  2. Film Tech

    Tips & Tricks Tutorials for Hitfilm [Editing Software]

    These are some of my tutorials I think you will benefit from. Don't forget to subscribe if you found them useful. Subscribe here -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpOFY-Jw2Izc9B2ZO0XqYwQ Hitfilm 4 Pro is free! Download it here: https://hitfilm.com/express
  3. S

    Tech Welcome Guys To My Youtube Channel!

    Hello guys my name is Hassan and i have a Youtube Channel on which i teach programming through amazing video tutorials check it out:
  4. Chris Field

    Gaming Hello Freedom! Family I'm Chris!

    What's up everyone, My name is Chris aka ChiefJedi over on Youtube. I've been doing Youtube for 2 years on and off again and I make videos based on all kinds of different Games. I suppose i'm more known for my Gears of War and Payday 2 videos. But I do other stuff as well, like photoshop...
  5. S

    Educational Welcome to my new Youtube Channel For Programming Tutorials

    Hello Guys Check Out my new Youtube Channel Course on Single Page Website using HTML CSS and Jquery:
  6. A

    Gaming Check me out

    I make a variety of content on a website called youtube. My Channel is called "AvoidAstronz". If you could help me reach 100 subs that would be great. I am doing a giveaway too.
  7. D

    How To Tutorials and How To

    Hi guys! I am a YouTuber who teach everything that I learned.....wanna talk to me?
  8. Hammad Ali

    Sports calisthenics and parkour

    hi guys, i start this my new channal, where i will explain how to start doing parkour. i will also show you how to build from the basic to advance level of body condition.
  9. C

    Gaming Welcome to my channel

    Welcome to my channel. Here I make gaming, technology, tutorials and a lot of other entertainment like challenges, vlogs, comedy and more. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND SUBSCRIBE BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW. Worth Subscribing.
  10. C


    Hello friends, I have a YouTube channel called Coffee For Fox where I make tech and tutorials as well as a lot of entertaining and fun videos like gaming, challenges, vlogs and more! I promise that I will try my best to keep you entertained and happy. Please show your support and subscribe by...
  11. T

    Educational My New Tutorials channel

    Hello guys, 5 years ago I made my channel and i got 100.000+ views on a few video's. But I got striked. So I lost alot of Minecraft tutorials. I rebranded my channel now and I started again. So thank you for see this post and be sure to subscribe to my channel! If there some people wo want...
  12. Zovonic

    Gaming & More [Zovonic]

    My name is zovonic, i do all types of videos on my channel including tutorials and sometimes gaming videos, i can edit very well on sony vegas pro 13 and i can animate i can also create amazing 2D intros, i like to edit videos, it's one of my hobbies and i also like to use sound effects. I like...
  13. Flow Citric

    Gaming Whats Up! New Gaming/Tutorial Channel

    Yo, Im FlowCitric. Im about a week old on Youtube and have racked up over 1k views on one video. Please check me out and if you like.. Subscribe!! I would love to speak to some of you guys so you could message me or email me through my channel! :)
  14. HARIBO

    Community Looking For A Channel Like Mine To Collaborate With !!!

    Hey Freedom Family my name is HARIBO and today I am looking for someone to collaborate with. Right okay so if you have a tutorial or commentary channel then please let me know because I would love to collab with you. I have over 1000 subscribers and I am sure you would gain something from being...
  15. A

    How To Hello Freedom community !

    Hello my friends, my name is Mihai (or Michael in english) I'm from Romania (Bucharest exactly) (if you heard of Hagi, Nadia, and many more :D). I have a Youtube Channel with android tutorials, smartphone and tablets resofting, hard resets, and many more could healping you. In english and in...
  16. S4SP

    Entertainment Hi there, This is S4SP

    Hi people there. just now started youtubing, i promise to upload videos with good content and quality also in regular basis. im a guy who loves youtube just more than hobby. my lifetime goal is to get some youtube subs andviews and to earn sufficient money for my living. i hope you all guys be...
  17. Luke Tinworth


    Everything you need is now in a channel. Procrastinate Production offers weekly videos of the content you desire. Gaming, Vlogs, Tutorials and more! Please subscribe to my channel and watch my latest video :) Channel: http://bit.ly/ProcrastianteProductions Channel Trailer...
  18. Hazza

    How To Sony Vegas - Video Editing Tutorials Coming To My Channel !!!

    Sony Vegas - Video Editing Tutorials Coming To My Channel !!! Hello people of the internet my name is Harry and I am the proud owner of the YouTube channel HARIBO. Now you may already know about my YouTube channel but I make videos and tutorials on How youtubers can grow and develop their...
  19. ImZerge

    How To All About My Channel!

    Hello there! Are you looking a Youtube channel to entertain you? Do you want that same channel to give out helpful tutorials? Do you need tips for your Youtube channel? Well, you are just in luck! My Name If Zerge! I Try To Upload 1 Video Every 3/4 Days!, I Try My Best To Make My Videos...
  20. Z

    Educational FREE High Quality Templates and Tutorials!

    Whats Happening everyone! Taha Dalal aka. TjStyle here and I am the owner of ZenGEN Learning! We make free intro templates for everyone! Whether you are a casual youtuber or upcoming film maker, we can help you! For free! :) We have High Quality HUD templates, intros, outros, lower thirds etc...