1. Defiancey

    Twitch Streaming vs. Youtube Streaming?

    Hey, everyone wanted to see your guys opinion on Twitch vs. Youtube Streaming?
  2. FrostByteTV

    Gaming I'm FrostByteTV! Whats Crack-A-Lackin Freedom?

    My name is Marc Rogers, but I go by the name FrostByteTV on YouTube. I want to thank you George and the Freedom Community for helping inspire me too start recording and uploading on YouTube again. I started uploading to my channel near the beginning of last year, but while at work I suffered a...
  3. ConPlays


    Hello Freedom Forums! I am ConPlays (or ConGraphics) and I am now taking offers for a paid job for graphics! I do YouTube banners, logos, profile pictures, twitch overlays, outros, thumbnails, minecraft renders, and I also render intro templates for you if your PC cannot handle it.I usually...
  4. thefightinggamer

    which one do you think is better for live streaming?

    which on do you think is better for live streaming?
  5. C

    Gaming Hiya! This is my very delayed introduction!

    Hi my names Justin! My girlfriend Stacy and I run a Youtube channel and a Twitch channel together where we play games like League and Smite and stream whatever strikes our fancy. Our Youtube: And our...

    Gaming Hello Freedom!

    Whats up Freedom! I am a gaming youtuber with 35 subscribers. I'd say I make pretty funny content. I make videos on all types of games, for example fifa 16 and h1z1, with my friends. I also stream on I have been doing it for a while and I thought Freedom was the perfect community to...
  7. Evasive Eight019

    Service Request Review my channel

    Age: 27 Channel Main Topic: Gaming X box One and Pc I'm looking for someone to give me feed back on my channel anything would be nice. I'm looking to make my channel grow with the help of my freedom family. Amount of Subscribers: 75 Other ways to contact you: [email protected]...
  8. IamThePS4gamer

    Service Custom Avatars for Youtube, Twitch, and Twitter

    Hello Freedom! family! If you are interested in having a custom avatar for YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter you have come to the right place. I make good quality avatars on Photoshop at very low costs! Please email me at theps4gamer[email protected] if you would like to discuss what kind of...
  9. IamThePS4gamer

    PlayStation Collaboration on PlayStation 4!

    Requred age: 18+ Amount of subscribers: no requirement! Please be a fun enjoyable person that people would love to see us play games with! About my channel: I post let's plays on popular PlayStation titles (Mostly Destiny, but like to keep a variety.) I have original YouTube series, and also...
  10. Evasive Eight019

    PC Looking for Collaboration in Minecraft (PC)

    Age: 27 Channel Main Topic: Gaming X box One and Pc I'm also looking to make some friends and help our channels grow.(preferably 16 years and older) Amount of Subscribers: 75 Other ways to contact you: [email protected] Twitter: @Evasive Eight019 Twitch: EvasiveEight019 About your...