1. Z

    Entertainment join the discord with me

    Join the discord with me:
  2. Sneaker shopping therapy

    Subscriber Milestone Big massive thank you

    To everyone who has subbed to the channel or watched even 1 second of one of my videos. Just like to say a massive thank you . Being only 10 subs away from 5k makes me feel truly blessed.
  3. Ido Berg

    Gaming Call Of Duty Mobile - i lost at #2 :/ | battle royal #5

    click on the link to help me reach my goals <3 783/1,000 subscribers! lets go :D
  4. tunnelmotions

    free 4k motion backgrounds #freetouse

    Hi everyone. Im a small youtuber (very small ;)) and i create motion/video backgrounds. All my backgrounds are 4k, 60fps and seamless looping. You can use them for free in your projects with simple giving credit in desription. (Music licence not included!) So here are some of my Backgrounds...
  5. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Our first year on YouTube!

    Well, we definetely learned a lot
  6. K Army Gaming

    Solved After 2 months of review can We rejoin Freedom?

    So we finally got reviewed and accepted to the partner program. Are we able to rejoin Freedom?
  7. SoundEffect

    How To Youtube Subscriber

    what are the social networks we can increase subscription
  8. Dan Bates 17


    Hey everyone i will now be live streaming on Twitch from now on so if you haven't yet please come follow me and come say hi . Thankyou
  9. Mudd1321HDgaming

    Gaming I want to create something like achievement hunter

    I want to create something like achievement hunter. I feel that would be the best way to grow a gaming channel nowadays on youtube. I'm looking for people who can keep up with commentating, and are available to record enough for everyday videos. except for Sundays for breaks. also should be 18...
  10. Enkiman

    YouTube I am looking for a specific website !!

    Hi, I am currently looking for a website I used to view my video But I forgot him because I did not use him for a long time Do you have an idea of it Through it we can put a clip Youtube link And he shows it to us on a screen splited into three sides Like what you see in the picture Under topic...
  11. Gaming Community Zeeland

    YouTube Views Milestone 6000 Viewers!

    I have reached 6000 views!! (y) (Y) Half way to freedom (the network) on the way to the 10k viewers. I hope it still will succeed this year. help our gaming channel to the 10k viewers?
  12. Mike Drago

    Gaming Just hit 30 Subscribers :)

    Hello and welcome, I'm Mike Drago. I'm so happy that I reached 30 subscribers in 5 months. I have gain 4 subscribers in the past 2.5 days and posted a video special about the subscriber goal I have reached. My aim is 100 and I hope at this rate I will get there within a year. Thank You, Freedom...
  13. Gaming Community Zeeland

    Gaming Gaming Community Zeeland - Promo Video

    Gamen do you for your pleasure: to be away from the daily routine of your work or school. That's why Sociability, Activity and Atmosphere enter into Gaming Community Zeeland. Various internet friendships have grown into genuine friendships within Gaming Community Zeeland. And whether you are...
  14. Puga Gamer

    Me presento, soy Puga Gamer y vengo a hablar de mi canal de YouTube

    Lo primero de todo, gracias por leerme, tengo un canal de yt con 107 suscriptores actualmente, les hablo por aquí por que me gustaría conseguir gente que se suscriba a mi canal aunque sean sólo 2 o 3 para que vean mis vídeos y me escriban en los comentarios si les gusto o no. Y si no es así...
  15. U

    Official Goodbye Youtube's video editor!

    Hello, all! Sad news guys, Youtube video editor, and photo slideshow is being canned. So for all of you that are unaware about Youtube video editor, You can use Video Editor tools to put together clips to create new videos and publish them to YouTube with one click. All of your uploads are...
  16. Takedownman

    YouTube Only 2% of my subs are getting notifications...

    So I have been looking into why my views were so low. I have over 143,000 but only around 3,000 are seeing it. So after digging into it, I am finding ONLY 2% are even being notified. Is this an issue YouTube can fix and if so, how and who do I talk to? This is killing my channel and honestly my...
  17. Bio PLayz

    Gaming BioPlayz

    Your name/alias: BioPlayz Where are you from?: i am from norway How old are you?: i am 17 years old How did you find Freedom!?i found freedom via youtube What made you join our forums?: the oppertunities such as collaboration and chanse to meet new people, make friends as also make video...
  18. dakota meyers

    Gaming GTA V Slasher Moments

    hey guys it would mean a lot if you go check out my video thx and have a good day
  19. Giant Bacon

    Gaming Rise Of The Tomb Raider - Part 3- LIVESTREAM - PC Gameplay - Ultra Settings! | Twitter: @Giant_Bacon
  20. Lion KingTv

    Gaming CS GO COLLAB!!!!

    Hey guys! on my last 3 videos i got around 400 views, i'm looking for someone to collab with in cs go, you need i good looking channel and a good mic! Tell me if you want to collab!