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  1. Thiago Cardoso

    Olá Pessoa,

    Então... comecei pra valer mesmo no YouTube em 2007, mas pegar meu canal pra valer mesmo foi esse ano (2020). Sou uma pessoa que aprende muito, que compartilha o que aprende e o que aprendeu. Estou aberto a sugestões sobre o que posso, o que devo compartilhar com meus fãs. E como manter a...
  2. -[TH]-ThreaT

    Gaming Just wanted to introduce myself / -[TH]-ThreaT

    Hello everyone, I just joined the forums. I stream CS:GO and other games. I also like to compile some of my more decent content (by my standards) into highlight videos with my very limited video editing skills. I just started using youtube, so I would so very much appreciate feed back. I only...
  3. Manny G

    Entertainment I am a new car enthusiast youtuber

    Hey guys, my name is Manny I have come to freedom forums to meet new people and to grow my channel as a whole. All I ask is if you can visit my channel and give feedback on my videos. I love to hear what you guys have to say, I enjoy working to get better everyday at my editing and social...
  4. Satria Kurniawan

    YouTube Youtube Channel

    How to grow your Youtube Channel??
  5. Jaykumar T

    YouTube Introducing My New channel Analytic Data

    Is this data seems good or bad.. Data of first 7 days New channel created on 2nd december 2018. Rightnow 9th Dec 2018 - 155 subscribers. Total channel views 7,600 Total watch time : 20,800 minutes does this data seems good for my channel? or should i need to improve it... Share your thoughts...
  6. Jaykumar T

    Educational Need Review for My Channel Introduction *(Hindi Language)

    I've created one youtube channel on business educational niche. Here are link of my few videos - If you can understand hindi language then, please watch my videos and give me suggestion about how can i improve my youtube channel...
  7. J

    Solved Question about copyright strike & termination

    hi guys i have a question my youtube channel has been terminated last month and now my channel has been back again & working yesterday my channel remove 1 copyright strike now i have 2 more copyright strike left in my channel now my question is that my 2 remaining copyright strike is still will...
  8. AllTheLittleThings

    Offering I can help to review your channel :D

    Hi everyone if you just post your channel below Ill try help give a handy review on what needs improving or just to say your doing good! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :D
  9. RyanSellers

    Community What YouTube Genre Are You In?

    Hey fellow Freedom! Community members! Here is a quick poll to see how many members of Freedom! run different types of YouTube channels. If your option isn't on the poll. Comment down below what your channel is about mainly!
  10. multigamefreakz

    Gaming Top 5 MMOs to play right now! 2018

    welcome to our brand news series top 5. in this we countdown our top 5 of the subject the video is about. let us know what you would like us to make a top 5 list about in the comments section below or on twitter @multigamefreakz
  11. Brenden Fowler

    Comedy The Teknokai Channel 2018 Trailer

    I made a channel trailer for my YouTube channel in 2018, including snippets of videos that are to be released soon. I'd love to get some feedback on the trailer and the channel as a whole. Thanks!


    ;) Olá eu sou WELL FIGHTER e tenho um canal do YOUTUBE destinado há Gameplay de Jogos de luta/Jogos Retro/Unboxing/Critica/Youtube e outras coisinhas mais com o intuito de trazer um bom contéudo para todos uma forma de entertenimento/informação e Diversão, sem ir nessa onda de video apelativos...


    ;) Hello I am WELL FIGHTER and I have a YOUTUBE channel destined for Gameplay of Fight Games / Retro Games / Unboxing / Critics / Youtube and other things more with the intention of bringing a good content to everyone a form of entertainment / information and Fun, without going in this wave of...
  14. CallMeDestiny

    Entertainment Advertise Yourself

    Hey guys I'm Destiny I’m new here! Thanks for joining! (y) (Y)
  15. Game-a-Max

    YouTube Views Milestone 60 views

    Hi all!! I know the number above is low, but it surely matters to me.We have crossed 60 views on YouTube. Watch here : Thanks. Game-a-Max #RespectEveryGamer
  16. Basia Kuchnowska

    PC ART channels collaboration!

    Hi! I am looking for people who have art channel (like speed arts videos) on youtube. We can recommend our channels. Is there anyone interested in this offer? I can show you my new video: Star Wars speed painting : I hope someone will like my channel and will be interested in collaboration ;]
  17. Gamie

    What do you guys think about assassin's creed origins?

    Tell ur thoughts on ac origins
  18. Gamie

    Gaming Hello there

    Hello there.I am an avid gamer and i love making gaming videos on youtube and im very happy to be a part of this great community.Hopefully i can learn a lot from this community. Thank you
  19. InformationGuy

    Community What Made You Start a YouTube Channel

    Hi Everyone, Why did you start a YouTube Channel? What is your channel's mission and vision? Where do you want it to go in in the future?
  20. Gaming Community Zeeland

    Subscriber Milestone YES! Finally I reach A 101 subscribers

    after A long time on YouTube with Awsome video's on my channel I reach now A 101 subscribers and I em allsow happy about it.