Subscriber Milestone 300+subs and 55000+ views


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May 2, 2015
Kinda forgot to post this but some time ago I reached 300 subs on my main channel, also 55000 total views, 30 subs on my vods channel and 30 followers on my twitch....also my most viewed video reached over 5k views and I now have 3 videos with over 1k views! I did kinda go in a slump back in december and for most of january but now I'm (hopefully) back and kind of streaming more than before.....also I reached over 330 videos uploaded on my main channel and 20 videos on my vods channel so......I'm just thinking about what else I can brag about....I have watched around 300 different animes in just 2-3 weeks and that's 300 not including different seasons......I also made a list of every anime I've watched in the past 2 months........ok I'm running out of things I can brag about.....well this is getting too long anyways so I'll just end it here.....boi