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Here is a basic guide to badge titles, staff roles and what they mean to the Freedom! forums.

Freedom! forum Administrator:
- Administrators are the highest ranking staff on the Freedom! Forums.
- Administrators make sure the forums run smoothly, add sections, and create forum rules.
- Administrators are the ones who give out partner badges.

- Administrators deal with warning disputes, kickings, etc.
- Administrators watch over the Chat Room making sure all rules are enforced.
Administrators listen to community suggestions and work to get them implemented.
Administrators share all jobs held by moderators.

Freedom! forum Moderator:

- Moderators monitor and watch the Chat Room
- Moderators monitor forum sections enforcing the rules.
- Moderators help answer questions you may have, and or point you in the correct direction.
- Moderators remove/delete threads which don't follow the Freedom! rules.
- Moderators keep the community safe by kicking, banning, and removing Non Family Friendly members.
- Moderators approve giveaway threads.
- Moderators handle all reports.
- If you wish to become a moderator please see this thread: Becoming a mod

Freedom! forum Sectional Moderator:
- Sectional moderators monitor select forum sections enforcing the rules.

Freedom! Community Team:

- The Freedom! Community are a dedicated team to help out the community, whether it be on the Freedom! channel, the discord server or on these forums here are here to help you out.

Freedom! Staff Member:

- Staff members have various roles, but they all have one thing in common, they all work for Freedom!
- Freedom! hub channel managers, various department heads, Business development managers, HR department members all fall under this category.

Freedom! Partner:
-The Freedom! partner badge verifies that a forum member is a partner with the Freedom! Network.
-To get the Freedom! partner badge you must apply for it Here
-The partner badge gives permissions to exclusive sections in the Freedom! forums such as the Content Promotion Section, the Community Review Section and the Giveaway Section.

Member of the month:
-The member of the month badge is awarded each month by the forum team to who we believe has been an active part in the forum community and a good role model towards others. More information can be found here

Event Winner:
-The forums hold many events for you, its Freedom! partners. The winner will be awarded a prize as well as this special badge! If we are not running an event, we are voting on or preparing for our next one. Check out the News & Announcement section for the latest monthly event.

-The beta badge is given out to users to test upcoming features in the forums, it also comes with its special forum section!
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