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First Impressions, Honest Thoughts and Conclusion about New World

First Impressions​

By the first impression the game looks amazing, there are not too many problems with the game even at launch which normally there would be server issues and what which companies like blizzard have problems for when shadowlands and wow classic first launched for example. But even when I did had to face queue time for a server it took me less than 5 mins to be connected with a waitlist of 100 people. So far I honestly only played New World for 8 hours and nevertheless, I do like the game as I mentioned before the game from a graphics standpoint looks amazing and gives like a Runescape type of feeling to the game along with its skilling and crafting systems. What I do like most about this game is definitely the fighting systems that it has in place from weapons that are face to face with your opponent with the classic sword and shield, hatchet, rapier, axe, spear and war hammer there are also ranged weapons with the bow and musket if you like to keep some distance from your enemies and lastly but not least are the magic weapons where you can become a sorcerer by wielding an Ice gauntlet, fire and life staff to either damage your opponents and heal yourself and others around you.

Honest Thoughts​

While I do like the game overall but there are definitely some things i do not like about it is that the game is very grinding focus and wouldn't mind some type of "class" or "faction" storylines like you would have with an MMO like Star Wars The Old Republic for example. There's also another i don't like about the game and that is mounts or another way of transport other than running/walking, fast travel and call-ins other than those four options there is no other forms of transport currently for the game other than that the devs at New World mentioned on Twitter that they are in discussion about if they should add it to the game or not and for me i think they honestly should for a quicker means of transportation. The final part is i knew there would be some other way that Amazon wanted to make some money long term and with the release of the game is microtransactions, while i be fine if the game was free to play but it isn't... you have to pay for the game and if you want some cool things you gonna have to pay extra for some but I'm not too sure if it's just cosmetic and consumables and nothing that would change the game mechanics which i hope it's not. I just don't like the face spending $70 on a deluxe version of the game and not getting everything from it but to find out there's a lot more locked behind a paywall.


While i am happy that purchased the game and its been great fun to play it does remind me of games such as Runescape, Star Wars Galaxies from an MMO game and other action-adventure games from its combat system which is pretty cool instead of like other MMO games combat system when you are slowly attacking someone with keybinds and how it attacks enemies slowly. The only thing that i wasn't happy with about the game is that there is too much grinding in some aspects like Runescape, Star Wars Galaxies and Black Desert Online for example and also a limited about of forms of transport in the game and also the microtransactions for a paid game. If those things were solved and also had storylines for classes and factions then id say to be an almost perfect game. But then again i have just started this game so maybe more will reveal itself when i progress more or be added later by the devs... We will have to see so if i would have to rate the game out 10 it's been a solid 8/10.
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