Gaming Hey my name is "GraviityFx"


Mar 1, 2014
Hi @GraviityFx,

Welcome to the Freedom! Community!

I like to play video games with friends and my favourite colour is blue as well! I also like to design graphics but it's usually for my own channel only, I don't take requests unless they're from a close friend so I don't really like to consider myself a graphic designer (right now at least.) :)

What genre of video games do you like to play and are there any particular titles that stand out to you? My friends play all sorts of game all the time, personally my favourite genre has to be first person shooters but I've been playing Minecraft more than any title recently because my schedule doesn't allow me to set up longer gaming sessions.

Please tell us more about yourself, I'm sure the community would like to get to know you better! If you're in need of ideas to start with, check out the introduction template!

Click here to view the introduction template!

I look forward to seeing you around!