Official How to Make a Request or Offers Guide

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Apr 22, 2014
Hello people, with the huge increase of activity of this section I've decided to make a short guide on how to properly make a thread here to save everyone some time :)

Making a Request:
You want to start off by saying if your requesting for free, or a paid work. This can be done by adding [Paid] / [Free] to the thread title.

Next when making the actual thread, try to provide as much detail of how you want the art to be made, try to add examples of things you liked, describe the style you want.

If you have a date you need this done by make sure you add that in bold, so that busy artists can see it quickly and decide if its within their schedule.

Lastly if your looking for paid work, i personally suggest (maybe not a must, but might help out) Add an estimated funding that you can use for the said request, that will more often that not keep out artists with high price tags and bring in more people with a little bit less skill, but i believe that in the end it would save you some time instead of having to discuss whole request with an artists to hear that he charges twice the amount you have.

Making an Offer:
Starting out just like for a request, make sure the thread tag say's if its free or paid work, as we have 2 separet tags for that, so make sure you pick the right one !

Next, without forgetting good manners, greet everyone, as they might be your future clients :)

Then make sure you explain what you're offering, how fast you work and how much you charge (if you do)

After that make sure you add your portfolio, if you don't have any say so, having to ask an artist for example of his work doesn't leave a good impression.

Lastly make sure you explain how people should contact you and allso leave that contact information of yours there.

Thank you for reading, Enjoy your forum'ing and good luck on the GFX Hunt !
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