Request I need someone to review my animation channel


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Feb 1, 2016
Note these are my thoughs at just a glance...When getting onto your channel I liked your avatar, it looks very nice and clean. However I felt your banner didn't meet the same standard that you get with your avatar. Getting into the content on the channel, I would personally hide the liked videos playlist, as really that should just be for you... if you want to have playlists of videos you think are relevant to your audience that others have made then that would be a good addition. For your thumbnails, I'd work on them a bit, make them simple yet effective. They should draw your audience in. Looking at one of your videos. While using a text to speak is okay, I'd try and get actual voices for the type of content I was watching. Your instagram link is also broken, may want to look at that (its missing the a dot and doesn't go anywhere even with it).

Hope This Helps a bit :)

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Jul 30, 2014
Following up from the previous users comments, the overall channel and your idea for said channel - i.e., animation videos - is really good and a really solid way of creating different and exciting material in the YouTube community. That being said, some channel management might need to be done.
Perhaps look over your social media account links that are available on your channel - such as your instagram one - and try and fix the issue of it not navigating to said page?
Another thing we always like to do is revamp the channels aesthetic - logo, banner, etc. - every once in a while, so maybe try and look into a new channel artwork just to keep up the professional standard you wish to set yourself?
All in all though a really solid piece of work and we hope you continue doing some great animation work! Keep it up!