Service Request Looking for a video editor!


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May 8, 2014
Hello! I hope that your day is going great so far.

I'm looking for someone interested with editing videos into smaller highlight reels. I create a lot of discussion videos, and I'm needing help when it comes to creating short videos. I don't create let's play videos anymore, and my videos are related to podcasts/interviews, and casual chats. I'm content creating the bulk of my videos as they are, but I would love to find someone who is great at analyzing a video, and picking the best parts for a montage.

Please leave a comment below, or message me on my Discord account here - fattmat#1387

My goal lately is getting more exposure to my channel, and I'm happy to chat about anything that you have in mind! Thank you again for reading my post, and I hope we can work together soon ^^


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May 1, 2017
Hi there!

I am a young social media entrepreneur. For four years, I have taught myself to understand various concepts of video editing, and have become extremely proficient in computer editing software such as Adobe Photoshop CC, After Effects CC, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro and much more.

Currently, I am the lead editor and producer for the YouTube channel MeatlessBacon, which is currently close to approaching 8,000 followers and almost a total of 100,000 views. I encourage you to check out my YouTube channel to get a general sense of my portfolio and my video production style. (YouTube Channel: MeatlessBacon)

I have an exceptional understanding of video editing concepts and the ability to add professional edits to any footage proposed. My video editing skills and several years of experience as a YouTube video producer will lead to your satisfaction. While being able to make effective and eye-catching designs, my several years of experience growing a YouTube channel can also work as a service to you. I understand the correlation between effective designs and increasing your views. I can definetely help you grow your YouTube Channel.

Please contact me when you can. Thank you

skype: ebacon104