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Jan 5, 2019
Heyo everyone, welcome to Gilded Phoenix Studios! We're a YouTube channel that’s coming back from a hiatus, stronger than ever!

I’m Orb, one of the founders of GPS, and a film student in college. I, along with my co-founder Onyx, have created a production company called WinMore Productions; a multi-media production company. Gilded Phoenix Studios is a subsidiary of WinMore Productions, and will be based around gaming, though that's not all we'll be doing!

We have podcasts, streams, let's plays, and more, planned and in production! We are looking for motivated, passionate people to join our already amazing team! We only need a few more people, so if you think you have what it takes and would be a good fit, then please fill out this application, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

1. Name:
2. Timezone:
3. Discord:
4. Age (17+):
5. YouTube/Twitch (if you have one):
6. Type of games you play:
7. Why do you want to make videos?
8. Were you previously in another group? If so, please state which group and why you no longer are.

Thank you so much! We hope to hear from, and hopefully work with, some of you amazing people!


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  1. NAME: Draycos Dragon (don't like to share my real name online)
  2. TIMEZONE: Eastern (USA/Canada - EST)
  3. DISCORD: DraycosDragon#7439
  4. AGE: 30
    • NOTE: I don't use my Youtube channel for gaming anymore. It's mostly used for monthly vlog-like videos now. The new channel intro will be up shortly which would explain it better)
  6. TWITCH:
  7. TYPES OF STREAMS: I only do gaming on Twitch now. So the games I currently stream on Twitch are...: Town Of Salem, Cards Against Humanity, tabletop style RPG (via Roll20), Roblox, Closers Online, and Fallout Shelter. Basically the games that are either browser-only games or games that don't rely too much (if at all) on graphics cards. Mainly due to this computer having no PCI/PCIE slots or any room to add graphics card slots.
  8. TYPES OF VIDEOS: I mainly do YouTube videos about experiences, thoughts, opinions, etc on certain topics. I quit doing games on my YouTube channel due to how horrible YouTube has treated me and those I have become friends with through YouTube.
  9. WHY I MAKE VIDEOS: I make videos monthly to explain/express my opinions, thoughts, experiences, etc on certain topics (i.e.: suicide, energy drinks, YouTube-vs-Twitch, bullying, why dragons shouldn't be included in the furry community, etc). It's my way of expressing myself while hopefully entertaining the viewers. I have even gone as far as making my own SubReddit page mainly on this series so others can make suggestions on future topics, express their own opinions on what has already been talked about in a past video, etc.
  10. WHY I DO LIVE STREAMS: I LOVE doing live streams because I can play the games I want without any system telling me otherwise all while I get to interact more directly with the viewers and stream chatters. I especially enjoy when the viewers/chatters get to include their own opinions on what should be done during certain games (such as: guessing who to attack or lynch in Town Of Salem, inputting jokes they would like to include during a tabletop game, etc)
  11. WHY I DO BOTH VIDEOS AND STREAMS (SUMMERY): I guess to sum all of this up, I just enjoy entertaining others while also having a way to interact with the viewers as much as I can.
  12. BEEN IN GROUPS? - DISCORD: I was in a group roughly a year ago but they have died out. Literally no one is left of the old group anymore. And I don't remember their name. However, I have created a Discord group as well that I have called YATS (which stands for "YouTubers And Twitch Streamers"). Currently there's only like 4 or 5 of us in it. That's because I am a bit picky at who I invite to the group (I've seen WAAAAY too many Discord groups plummet all because the Discord owner was too laid-back or just didn't care. Hence why I have become a bit more picky when it comes to including others)
  13. BEEN IN GROUPS: - YOUTUBE/TWITCH: If you mean YouTube groups, then no. Never been included in any YouTube groups. Just a Discord group once. And never been included in any Twitch groups.