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May 4, 2017
Welcome everyone, glad you have took a interest in my idea for a collab, and racing Twitch page. I like to take a moment on talking about what would be occurring on the twitch and or Youtube channel. As the title suggest I looking for a team of 4 gamers that like to collab, have fun and enjoy playing retro - the modern games steam games at least for now till I get a capture card. Any way we could be co-oping games helping each other in goals and or campaigns to complete a game. We would be hosting races with all four of us to see who can complete challenges, full games, or races in general genre. It's something I been wanting to do for a while, growing and networking with friends and gamers is sure way to get going, problem is finding that fit this bill.

What I'm looking for
Gamers - that are committed to completing games, even if you dont know them, the fact of having fun, and learning about game is a bit more better that just complaining about it. The projects we do are not about winners losers, it about time together, and having fun. Growing and having a blast.

Artist - Yest as silly as it seems, I dont have all that much skill in this, I can do only te basics of the basics on photoshop. So I offer this position to have someone do simple thumbs for the channel and if they choose to they can still take part in projects. I too will be working on overlays and helping in this department as well, I hope to learn with you.

promoters - While I will be doing this on my stuff. The more we all work together in this department the better, as we are reaching out to area one might not have access to. "DONT SPEND MONEY ON STUFF" I know from experience in this part some friends asked if they had to pay to get our channel/stream on the board and I said no, we do it the easy with friend and family, and then to groups that represent that game and or project.

Teamwork and Determination - This big for the most part, if you start a project finish it with me, as stated above this is not about winners or losers we are here to entertain, have fun, an to enjoy the game. We work as a unit not against each other, there is no such thing is "Your better" Here we are all the same, we love games, we love friendship, and we work together to entertain.

Jokes and Harassment - I dont tolerate harassment in any project period, if your the type that likes to make fun of another, or talk about threats as well as think you are high than another cause of any thing, you are not welcome. Making fun of a persons age, sex, religion, race, or anything that they have is not welcome. If you like to joke or troll or have fun in a way that the other laughs at you to himself, thats fine and ok, but dont take it to far, know your limits to your trolling. If one says to stop or give a signal that they had enough heed the warnings. Further action can lead to conflict and problems and I wont tolerate it.

Transparency - While I agree this is a good thing, I will still have full access to the channel and stream page. I will be keeping an eye on stuff and updating you all on updates from twitch or youtube, or you can let me know as well. We all will be knowledgable of all the latest information for youtube and twitch.

Now Im going to leave this down here for some questions that you might have and again I dont want to hide anything from you.

Q: Will I be Paid for my project, taking part in races, or partnership money
A: As of now, no... and why would you ask this out of a small channel trying to grow. Any donation or anything like that for now would go to making the channel better or new stuff like games for all to play that lack it. If this channel ever does get off the ground and we make alot for it, then I could see working something out. But even then we have to dream big if we work together.

Q: Do I have to do this?
A: No I not going to get mad if you dont want to do this. and even if you want to do just one race Im okay with it

Q: CAn I Upload to my channel
A: You can upload only your point of view or wait for the edited with everyone's footage to be uploaded to the main channel and then you can make a playlist for it. or uploaded it yourself. With that said, please dont act like this is yours, have common sense and put everyone in the description whether to thier twtch, youtube, instagram, ect.

Q: I want to do co-ops with only one member of the team, but I want the other guy as well?
A: If you want just a 2 person race or project its fine Ican host up to 4 game windows in the video.

If you have more questions you can post in the pms or comments area on this. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to do something together soon. thanks