Official May 2016 Monthly Contest - $100 in Prizes!

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Dody Junized

Dody junezed
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Congratulations to the winner on april

for beginners who have recently graduated and want to learn petroleum engineering
Here is my full video channel drilling oil and gas :
Introduction liner hanger system - Animation video
Introduction fiber optic theory - Oil and gas system
Presentation Distributed Temperature Sensing - oil and gas
Top Android Game - KRITIKA

Trailer movie my Channel KRITIKA game

Thanks and Warm regards
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Feb 7, 2016
Hi! This is my trailer! I worked hard on it so I hope I win. I understand it's not as good as many of the other ones but still, I gave it 110%. I followed George's instructions on his video by explaining everything in the first 10 seconds!

Mr Price

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Dec 18, 2014

How to fix it? I have a screenshot tho... But its to big for freedom or so, you can open it in anonther tab, will it still count?

Xorganth Xorganth

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Last month's contest was the first in this series of monthly contests hosted by the Freedom! forums and it was a success! Here are the winners of April's Monthly Contest:

Last Month's Winners
First place: @DecrepitSundew3 - Winner of $50 cash
Second place: @ThatNerdWithTheHair - Winner of $50 in games
View attachment 15224 View attachment 15225
Great reactions guys!

The prizes will be sent out to you two soon!

Details May's Contest

Scroll down for TL;DR

Firstly, we forgot to address that these contests will be exclusive to Freedom! partners (and partners of networks powered by Freedom!). As a result, all of last month's entries were considered valid because we didn't address this! Participants in May's contest (and the months that follow) are required to possess a partner badge to have their submissions considered valid.

Click here to learn more about the partner badge

May's contest is similar to April's in a way. However, instead of games this month we would like to focus on YouTube channels. Specifically, channel trailers.

We are looking for good channel trailers and critiquing them based on originality, humour, effectiveness, as a sales tool, power of emotion, and how well it represents your channel. Partners are eligible for a total of two entries, the first one being the channel trailer itself (linked), the second one is a screenshot of the channel trailer (it should sum up your channel as a whole.)


Here is the criteria:
  • All participants need to have a partner badge!
    • Click here to learn more about the partner badge
  • 1st entry
    • Post a link to your channel trailer
    • Will be judged based on originality, humour, effectiveness, as a sales tool, power of emotion, and how well it represents your channel
  • 2nd entry
    • A screenshot of your channel trailer
    • Should sum up your channel in one image
    • Judged on similar guidelines to the ones in the first entry
    • Examples
    • View attachment 15226 View attachment 15227 View attachment 15228
    • Members with less than five messages (post count) cannot post links, so participants must have a minimum of five messages as a requirement.
  • Please submit only one post to this thread
    • Although reactions in additional posts are welcome, we ask of you to keep your entries in one post for simple organization

The channel trailer winner will win $50 in cash while the winner of the screenshot will win $50 in games.


All submissions should be posted via a response to this thread, it goes without saying that they must also comply with the Forum Rules.

Click here to view the Forum Rules!

The deadline for submissions is the 25th of this month, winners will be announced around the 5th of June. The more participants, the more fun it'll be so spread the word!

We look forward to your submissions, good luck Freedom! Community!


First off this is great. Sounds like fun so I'm in. Let's see here...
1st * My Channel Trailer:
2nd * Screen Shot:XorganthsChannelTrailer4.png
Ok Then.... Done and Done. :) GG
Boom Boom Bag Bag Jigga Jigga Bam Bam.... I never cease to amaze


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Mar 25, 2016
Congrats to last months winners this months is the first time i'm hearing about this so i figured i would give it a shot so here is our channel trailer i hope you enjoy even if we do not win!!!


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May 13, 2014
Hi, thanks for the opportunity in the contest. Here's my channel trailer which I believe sums up my channel in a nut shell.
Next here is a screenshot of a clip during my trailer that I feel describes my channel as well. The American flag in the background symbolizes truth and justice and just good will intentions, and the black silhouette symbolizes the more or less unknown hero thats here to save the day and take that stand for truth and justice and good will intentions.


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Jul 10, 2014
i feel that what ive done with mine is talk as little as possible and then show the content if people disagree with this tatic its your own opinion but i feel this is a decent way to go around the problem
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