YouTube New channel name

What should be my new name? (Max 3 answers)

  • Tech Dunk

  • Techno Dunk

  • TeraTech

  • GigaTech

  • Root tech

  • Others (let me know)

  • GigaRoot

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Dr. Dunk

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I'm renaming my channel, because Dr. Dunk doesn't say anything about the content I make (probably the opposite). I make tech videos and here are some ideas (vote in poll or reply with ideas):
- Tech Dunk
- Techno Dunk
- TeraTech (from Terabyte)
- GigaTech (form gigabyte)
- root tech
- other ideas or spin offs? (Let me know)

The Dunk part isn't nessesairy. I want a really unique name, so nothing like Dylan's tech channel or something