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Mar 21, 2018
So I have this continuous series that I do on YouTube which is basically a highlight reel of all the best moments on my channel over the past couple months, I've done 12 of them so far and I'm specifically looking for feedback on number 12 because I'm going to start working on number 13 here soon and that's coming out Saturday so I want to get some ideas on how I can spice things up.

As you'll see in this one, on top of the hand-selected clips I've also started doing original skits in these videos in an attempt to keep things fresh and interesting. The original skit in this one is in the opening but in later episodes they might show up in the middle or even at the end.

Anyways, thanks in advance :)

P.S. if you enjoy that and want to see the other 11 episodes, here is the full playlist. Although personally I would skip like the first five or six. They honestly kind of suck in hindsight. Around number 8 is where I started getting somewhat good at these
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Jul 30, 2014
This is some really good content man! One thing for constructive feedback, we would suggest, is perhaps work on the thumbnail design a bit? Make it a bit less tacky in some places if you get what we mean? So for instance, maybe even a solid background colour and a bit more professional font? Just to style it up!
Apart from that though the overall editing quality on the video is good! Keep it up man!!
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