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Hey guys

so my channel did get strikes before and i did remove all the previous videos and started the new videos.

im creating Nsfw gameplay videos before i would age restrict the video and blur out all the nude scenes but now im removing any nude scenes totally off my videos so my videos dont contain any nude gameplay scenes but im not 100% sure if im out of the danger zone.

i would like to get your help on my videos to see if they are out of danger zone and yt accepted?

if there are any videos that does not follow yt policies i will remove them

my channel have grown allot this year from January where i had 700 subs to now where i have 4100 subs and i would not want my channel to get any strikes as ive already gotten 1 strike so if i get one more i will not be able to upload any content.

all the content im creating the people are 18 and older i do state it in all my videos but is it good enough or is there anything else i will need to do?

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First thing is Thumbnails, or lack of it. Also videos that I quickly checked has no end cards at all. Do you do any commentary on your videos, or did I just manage to check our videos without any commentary.

Your channel get good amount of views / video

Also try to change you Blogspot URL to point to .com instead

Because at least my Browsing Protection by F-Secure component warns that "This web site has been reported as harmful. We recommend that you do not visit this web site."

It warns me also if I try to go to But gives me no trouble.

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some videos i dont do comentary but most of my videos i do commentary

i did request some help regarding titles, descriptions and thumbnails as im still struggling with it still wil see if there are some people who would like to help me as im sure if i can get better thumbnails my channel will be even better i will go change the website right away thank you

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Jul 30, 2014
Something that is key in all YouTube videos is, of course, the video editing itself. We have recently updated to Sony Vegas Pro and it is, by far, the best video editing software we have ever invested in. It's quick, simple to get your head around and very effective! Point of the story is, if there is any advice we can give to help boost peoples content, it would be to invest in some very good editing software! Hope this helps!