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Cayden Gaming

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Mar 31, 2017
What are some points I need to work on in this video: Does the mic sound good, is the game to loud or mic to loud, is the pacing of the video to slow or just not good? Any feedback would be much appreciated thanks in advance!!



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Audio all sounded good to me. I've never played Fortnite so hard for me to comment on the gameplay some bits may have been a bit slow but personally I'd prefer that to the hyper active in your face style of some channels. Video length was good, ended up watching the whole thing which I don't tend to do when reviewing channels/videos. :)

KnightHunter Studios

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Jul 30, 2014
We spot no issues here! From a quick glance your mic and overall volume levels are sufficient and are definitely not a pain to watch with. And also the length of the video seems reasonable; especially for a Fortnite gameplay video!