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Official Signatures/Text Editor - Guide - Everything You'll Need to Know

本貼由 Danny 2014-08-10 發佈於‘Frequently Asked Questions’。

  1. Danny

    Danny SDGCore Retired Administrator

    Hello everyone!

    This thread is going to consist of everything you'll need to know for signatures on the Freedom! forums!

    First off, it is very important to be a full member in order to edit your signature! It also gives you special privileges to post in certain forums such as 'Promote your Videos and Channels'.

    Learn more about full members here! More will also be mentioned further down the list.

    Click here to start editing your signature!

    Now, onto the list!
    Note: Do not mind the numbers, they are only there for reference.
    1. Understanding the editor![​IMG]
    2. How to add links to your signature!
      • You must be a full member in order to include link in your Forum Signature!You need to be a full member to create a signature at all.
      • Highlight the text with your cursor and click the 'Link' button on the top of the editor to type in a link.
    3. How to add an image to your signature!
      • You must be a full member in order to include images in your forum signature!
      • You can use imaging services such as Imgurl, Gyazo, Puush, and etc. However, I'd recommend using Dropbox or Tinypic.
      • I figured that a resolution of 1248 x 237 works well for me. That's the resolution of the image used in the example.
      • Use the 'Media' button on the editor to paste the link to your picture!
      • See this .gif I made demonstrating how to use Tinypic for your signature image with the BB code editor!
    4. How to turn your image into a click-able link!
      • You must be a full member in order to include links in your forum signature!
      • Highlight the image with your cursor as if it is text, and click the 'Link' button on the top of the editor to type in a link.
    5. How to format your text!
      • Highlight the part you wish to change, then go to the 'Bold' or or 'Italic' or 'Underline' or 'Strike-through' or 'Text color' or 'Font size' or 'Font family' button at the top of the editor.
      • The highlighted part if the only part that gets changed so you can get creative with this!
      • A line can be aligned to the left side, the middle, or the right side of the page with the 'Alignment' button at the top of the editor.
      • You can always remove the formatting with the 'Remove formatting' button.
    6. How to add the Subscribe Button widget under the signature!
      • See an in-depth guide about this one in this thread here!
      • Fact: This widget is actually not part of the signature, but it's below the signature!
    7. How to set goals!
      • There is no automatic process for this! All goals are set manually.
      • Example:
        This has to be updated manually, the user would go back to edit their signature every time they gain/lose a subscriber if they wish to keep it active and 'functional'.
    8. Utilising the BB code editor!
      • The BB code editor can be used to make precise changes, and it is extremely versatile.
      • Here is an example of how linked images work in a BB code editor: [​IMG] Prior knowledge in HTML helps significantly here! Though, it is not necessary as BB code is very simple and easy to learn.
    9. Become a full member!
      • Without the full member trophy, your images and links will not appear after you save!
      • Learn more about full members here!
    10. Common sense!
      • Make sure to follow Forum Rules for your signature and keep things respectful.
      • Also, please do not make signatures that take up the entire page, those will be removed and your privileges may be revoked.
      • See the rules here!
    Require further assistance? Hit me up with a conversation or email me at: [email protected].
    Note: I am not a GFX designer here; I will not design banners upon request.

    Last Updated: March 9th, 2016
    Last edited: 2015-12-29
    已獲得Arnab De, GeeGaming, ksnguyenduy另外7人的支持。

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