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YouTube Tip, please! Youtube Super Chat!

本貼由 User.123120 2017-05-19 發佈於‘News & Announcements’。

  1. User.123120

    User.123120 Guest

    Tip, please! Youtube Super Chat!

    Yes, I understand that I have briefly mentioned Youtube's Super Chat before but I have never really dived into the feature on its own, well we fix that today!

    Some right decisions.
    So Youtube has made some right desitions before one of them was the ability to live stream directly to your Youtube channel. While at the start it was a bit meh, clunky if you will it's now become something that I enjoy to use and for myself, I use the Youtube live stream option more that Twitch!

    Super Chat!
    So Super Chat is something that Youtube came up with that allows the viewer the ability to send funds in exchange for a standout message that the streamer will see, in addition to this when you donate any amount of funds, your message will be pinned on the top of the streamers chat, now depending on the amount of money that you tipped the streamer it will reflect on the duration that the message stays pinned, cool huh?

    Affecting the real word, really?
    Youtube have also announced that when you tip a streamer, your tip can effectively change part of the real world at the moment it's only been tested out on selected streamers, but I managed to catch a Pewdiepie stream which I saw a pattern from tips and a reaction so in Felix's recent streams, depending on what amount that you have donated or if you request a certain type of noise, Felix will very quickly response to the comment and as a result make some type of sound on his soundboard. If you're free next time and someone like Pewdiepie is streaming I urge you to check it out, you will start to see the change in behavior when it comes to the Super Chat.

    I would rather watch than reading!
    You can check out this video of a demonstration at I/O, a YouTube product manager sent a $500 Super Chat during a live stream by The Slo Mo Guys, YouTube stars who have 9 million subscribers. The Super Chat triggered a horn to go off, which signaled a crowd of people to start pelting them with water balloons.

    I'm glad the SlowMoGuys are more active now that Dan has left the army!
    So what do you guys and gals think, do you like it? Don't you? Let us know below!
    See you next time, Itsjustjord​
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  2. LW001

    LW001 Last Mod Standing Moderator Wiki Contributor Beta Freedom! Member


    If you decide to change your text color back again, don't select Black, select "None". It makes it look great on all styles because this is unreadable on Dark mode :p

    Regarding the dev integration, that sounds pretty interesting and might actually be an idea I'd go after.
  3. User.123120

    User.123120 Guest

    I do it because I like to see you suffer ;D xD I fixed it for you now, I hope you're eyes are ok! LOL

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