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Jan 7, 2018
So I've been working away at my YouTube channel for around 5 and a half years now. I've been constantly working away at improving it, poured countless money,time, and effort into it, joined many YouTuber discord servers and forums to look around for advice, and even had my channel reviewed by a paid channel reviewer, Andrew Wall. However despite all of that work, my channel still only has 312 subscribers and 27.4k views after all this time, and nothing I've been doing has been helping. Been even trying more experimental things recently that aren't fully proven to affect much just in case, like backlink generators including keywords in the names of my raw uploaded files just to see if any of that will finally help. I've even recently switched niches to tech to see if maybe that will help, and even though some videos have been doing much, much better than my previous ones, for example one of them is at 4k views, making it the most viewed video on my channel by around 3k; while others I do of my current niche to slightly worse than my previous.

Another thing I've seen many people talk about is that my channel may just have fallen too much out of favour with the algorithm due to poor views for it to recommend my videos to anyone. Many people say is that if your channel for too long doesn't produce content with good views and viewer retention, it is less likely to recommend your videos. So seeing how abysmally my channel is doing after 5 and a half years of putting out content, is there a chance my channel has built up too much evidence for the algorithm to not push my channel and that's why my channel isn't growing?

So does anyone have any ideas on what things that no one else has been able to spot yet have been keeping my channel down for so long? If you need any extra info or statistics from my channel to help you come up with a conclusion just let me know and I'll be happy to provide. Any advice or feedback is really needed and so welcome, as I really want my channel to finally grow after so long.

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Jul 30, 2014
Though this may not be extensive or some incredible piece of advice, there are a few things we did to boost our viewership and our outreach to new viewers.
The main thing is other forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you set up an account and use this to promote your content, we have found that this allows you to reach a whole vast array of potential new viewers and subscribers. Of course, the content must be promoted in a professional and 'eye catching' manner, which is often quite difficult to determine given peoples subjective standards of professionalism vary, but if you really nail it on the social media front this should really help promote your content.
In addition to this, we often find that contacting third party groups/companies, etc., who specialize in the type of content you make can usually help. For instance, for promotion of our machinima 'Black Phantom' - which includes a lot of vehicle pursuits, etc. - we got in contact with a racing game/car fanatic journalist company who were incredibly keen to write stories and promote content from people that related to what they specialized in. If this makes sense?
Hope this helps and hope you manage to find the viewership you are aiming for!
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