Resources Where can I get 9x16 gameplay footage to use as B-Roll footage for shorts & TikTok videos?


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Mar 8, 2019
16x9 gameplay footage is easy to find. Youtube channels like @NoCopyrightGameplays and websites like make finding generic background footage for your videos a walk in the park.

But in order to make a Youtube short or a TikTok video, the footage needs to be 9x16, not 16x9.

Right now, I'm mostly limited to downloading 16x9 videos of things like Minecraft parkour maps, and cropping out the sides in my video editor. This takes a long time, and is especially problematic considering that I need to download these videos in 4k resolution, because in order to get the vertical videos in 1080x1920 resolution, the initial videos need to have vertical resolution of at least 1920 pixels, meaning 4k resolution (aka 2160 pixels high) is the only viable video type.

These videos take forever to download because the only app I know of that can download in 4k (WinX Youtube Downloader) is slow as hell, even when downloading comparatively smaller videos. Plus WinX often fails to download the videos, which it doesn't usually tell me about until hours later! Then, the videos are usually only available in webm format, rather than the standard mp4. My video editor has difficulty handling webm videos, so I have to convert them to mp4 first, which is itself a slow and tedious process in addition to actually downloading the videos in the first instance!

All in all, it would be so much easier if I could just download a bunch of videos that were already in 1080x1920 resolution in the first instance.

Ideally, I'd like videos that are up to 10 minutes in length since TikTok allows me to upload videos up to 10 minutes.

But I need to know where I can actually find these videos to download, first.

Any suggestions?