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Feb 9, 2021
Hi guys,I wanna know how can I block my videos in a specific country?

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Somtimes, you may need to block your videos from being viewable in specific territories. For example, if you own the rights to a video only in certain territories, you may need to prevent viewers from outside of those areas from viewing your video. In other cases, you may need to block your video from being viewable in territories where you own the rights to the video.

Here are the different ways you can block your videos, depending on the scenario:

  1. Upload Policy:
    • The upload policy allows you to create a partner-uploaded claim and tell YouTube what action you would like us to take with your video.
    • You can choose to block your video in territories of your ownership. YouTube already provides a predefined policy to block worldwide or you can create a custom policy and specify in which territories you would like to block your video.
    • A block policy can only be applied if you own the associated asset in that particular territory. Learn more about managing ownership of an asset.
  2. Block outside of your ownership:
    • If you own rights to a video only in certain territories, you may need to prevent viewers outside of those areas from viewing your video.
    • Block outside of ownership allows you to apply a block policy in all territories outside of your ownership, as an upload policy cannot be applied in these territories.
    • Do not block a video outside of your ownership if other partners have ownership on the claiming asset in the rest of the territories. If you do, the video will be blocked in the other partners' territories. Learn more.

      Hopes this helps you finding your answer as to know how to block a video on youtube then I think this video might help​
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Jun 2, 2016
To be candid, we have received a lot of similar inquiries via tickets, and sadly, people think that they can hide suspicious or copyrighted content using this feature.

Not good.

You may not be flagged instantly for reuploading re-used or stolen content , but if you are caught, the penalties can include termination.