10 Most Populated of Cities of The Future by 2030

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Jan 6, 2018 at 11:53 AM
Posted by Smart Facts UK
10 Most Populated of Cities of The Future by 2030 / 10 Biggest Cities in the world by 2030

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These will be the new 10 most populated cities in the world, according to the United Nations' World Urbanization prospects by 2030, none of these cities will be in Europe or what would be considered the Western Population.

Number 10. Mexico City, Mexico: expected population 23.9 million people
Number 9. Lagos, Nigeria: expected population 24.2 million people
Number 8. Cairo, Egypt: expected population 24.5 million people
Number 7. Karachi, Pakistan: expected population 24.8 million people
Number 6. Dhaka, Bangladesh: expected population 27.4 million people
Number 5. Beijing, China: expected population 27.7 million people
Number 4. Mumbai, India: expected population 27.8 million people
Number 3. Shanghai, China: expected population 30.8 million people
Number 2. Delhi, India: expected population 36.1 million people
Number 1. Tokyo, Japan: expected population 37.2 million people

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