A Tale of Two Sons - A game review

I can see what you did there by doing your review in a strange sound but I think this really distracted from the overall review. The reason why they didn't use a coherent language in the game is they wanted to focus more on the personal story / struggle of the two characters.


Jan 25, 2018 at 4:28 PM
Posted by General Taggart
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons is made by Starbreeze studios and it is single played co-op game. This mean that you control two characters with one game pad simultaneous.

Control scheme might sounds like it is too complicated. Actually it is quite simple. You control another brother with your left thumb pad and other with right one. These is also one action button for both.

Most of time this works fine, but sometimes at least i get little confused for what controls what. Good practice is keep another brother on ride side of screen and other on left side.

Most of the time, you have no hurry to anywhere. So you don't die or fail in this game, because you have to be precise and quick in your actions.

It takes me about 2,5 hours to complete this game. It is short, yes. But games story and how you relate to these boys are this game essence and soul.

I will recommend this game.
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