American tries Filipino tongue twisters!! - My #Kwento

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Mar 11, 2018 at 9:16 PM
Posted by SampleNinja
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In this video we tackle the pressing issue of... #Filipino tongue twisters!! ok, it might not be super important but as an American who wants to learn more #Tagalog these are a lot of fun to do! Help me celebrate Philippine #language month by sharing your favorite #tonguetwister in the comments :)

Below is a list of tongue twisters and a cheat sheet I wish I had when I was making this video :p

kakabakaba ka ba

pasko paksiw





bituka, botika, butiki

ang relo ni leroy ay rolex

pitumpu't pitong puting tupa

kabilugan ng buwan, buwan ng kabilugan

sinusi ni susan ang sisidlan ng sisiw

minekaniko ni moniko and makina ng manika ni monica

pinaputi ni Tepiterio and pitong puting putong patong patong

Kakakanan lang sa kangkungan sa may kakahuyan si Ken Ken habang kumakain ng kakaibang kakanin kahapon.

Comment with the word Radar if you read this far down!! Listen to books and stuff!!
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