Aquaria [19] | The Sunken City

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Aug 16, 2017 at 2:37 PM
Posted by Fluffy
Part 19 of a play-through for Aquaria - a fantastic game with a gorgeous art style and a wonderful soundtrack. I'd definitely recommend picking up this game.

My current plan is to hit all secrets, pickup all treasures and costumes, do various optionals (such as the Song Fish Cave, the Arnassi Race, "Simon Says," the Spirit Priests, where to pick up some achievements, etc...), and hopefully show off some of the Aquarian messages scattered about the game world.

This video contains:

+ Starting off from a previous save-point (where we saved before King Jelly)...
+ Taking a previously-unexplored path to enter The Sunken City - we explore within, and solve various puzzles.
+ Picking up our twenty-fifth "treasure" (another costume, really), the Girl's Costume. Chicka-bow.
+ Learning...a rather familiar tune...haven't we heard that before? Like...throughout the entire game?

Disclaimer: I do not own, or claim to own, any part of the displayed content - the art, music, etc...was all created by, and is owned/copyrighted by, the independent developers over at Bit Blot - the creators of Aquaria. I have no affiliation/association, or claim to have any affiliation/association with BitBlot. I am nothing more than a customer who purchased Aquaria on Steam, played it, loved it, enjoyed it, and wanted to post a play-though for Aquaria.
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