BEST G36C CLASS SETUP - Roblox Phantom Forces | Give Away At 1k Subscribes❗

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Apr 15, 2018 at 8:05 PM
Posted by $media.username
►Roblox Live - Roblox Phantom Forces | Give Away At 1k Subscribes❗
Hello, welcome back to another live stream! Today we will be playing some more Phantom Forces over on Roblox. If you remember in the last stream we were getting some nice kill streaks with my gun called the G36C. Today I will be teaching you guys what my setup for my Roblox Phantom Forces gun G36C, as well as other setup that you can do. The G36C gun is unlocked at rank seven, but I think its one of the best guns in Phantom Forces. The G36C is a good high damage, medium range, high fire rate, and can fit the need of an high paced game! In this stream we will also be testing out different kinds of G36C layouts as we try to reach are April sub goal of 1000 subscribers. Remember that if you are new to the channel to like, sub, and comment below what you want to see on the channel. Every subscriber is taken to heart and I will reply to every comment given.
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