Channel Trailer #2 (Final Fantasy XIV)

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Oct 12, 2017 at 10:46 AM
Posted by TwilightPrinze
Welcome to my Channel!

I'm Twilight Prinze and own a Youtube channel that is about Final Fantasy XIV and a variety of other games regarding the Playstation 4.

With Final Fantasy XIV we venture into the many Dungeons, 24 Player Raids, (Extreme) Trials and Fates.
We also show our strength in Player vs Player with The Feast!
My main character is a Warrior (Tank) with as second class the Red Mage (DPS).
In between i work on the other classes available for some variety in gameplay.

Regarding the Playstation 4 i play a diverse range of genres with my favorite being Adventure!
You will find various Playthroughs from the singleplayer but besides that we also dive into some Multiplayer action where we test our skills against players from the around the world.

Last but not least i make montages once in a while from some of my best moments, for example a compilation from the Extreme Primals in Final Fantasy XIV!

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