Cololny Survival - New Tidings - Episode 1

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Mar 5, 2018 at 2:35 AM
Posted by PlatinumPurge
Colony Survival, I have spent 3 hours editing this master piece of a video and introduce you guys to a game called Colony Survival. I hope you enjoy my editing and don't forget to comment, like and subscribe for more!

In today's Episode I set up a little base on a Island and see if I can make a food source for my colony.



Game Info -

Dynamic 3D Pathfinding
Both colonists and monsters can find their way in your world. Build bridges, tunnels, stairs, overpasses and underpasses to make sure your colonists get where they want to go, and monsters don't! Plant a banner to start your colony. As you recruit more colonists, more monsters will try to invade your colony! Build walls, dig moats and construct forts to deal with the increasing threat.

Dozens of different jobs, unlockable with science
Use an extensive science system to unlock jobs, blocks, upgrades and new weapons! Your colony will start small, with a couple of berry farmers, slingers and a copper miner. Expand your colony and start using new metals like bronze, iron and steel. Producing them will require new fuels like charcoal and cokes. Use more advanced metals to unlock crossbows and matchlock guns for your guards! Add wheat farmers, bakers, flax farmers, tailors and many other jobs to your colony.



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