Dynasty Feud - Teaser Trailer (Beta)

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Jun 2, 2017 at 4:48 AM
Posted by Anthony Smith
Kaia Studios is happy to announce that Dynasty Feud, the 2D multiplayer party brawler, is already available on Steam! Dynasty Feud pits unique teams of characters against each other in a series of pulse-racing rounds. With up to eight different dynasties battling it out across sprawling dynamic maps at once, Dynasty Feud, offers a fast, paced, hectic gameplay, as players try to outwit each other in frantic battles. With every dynasty having a unique fighting style, characters, abilities, and weapons, no two games are ever the same. And with its online and local multiplayer modes,you can choose between facing opponents from all over the world or fighting friends in your own couch! Dynasty Feud open beta gathered over 15,000 players from all over the world during the month it was available.

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Dynasty Feud is the first project by Spanish indie studio Kaia Studios. The game won one of the Playstation Award 2016; its release date for PS4 will be announced soon. With Dynasty Feud their goal is to release the wackiest, fastest, funniest2D brawler, both for online and local multiplayer. Do you want to prove that you are the best warrior around? Ask us for Dynasty Feud keys, we will send you keys enough to play with your friends or colleagues!

Dynasty Feud · http://www.dynastyfeud.com/
Kaia Studios · http://www.kaiastudios.com
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  • Fight with 8 different dynasties from a different period in history, including Cowboys, Cavemen, and Aztecs

  • Pick your favorite warrior between a roster of 40 playable characters, each with their own unique set of abilities. No two are alike!

  • Play online death matches featuring up to 4 players at once...

  • ...or face your own friends in the most exhilarating couch multiplayer!

  • Take advantage of dynamic levels containing triggers and traps that can influence gameplay

  • Easy to learn – damn hard to master!
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