Episode 23: One of the Most Dangerous Dungeons in Myrland | Let’s Play: Mortal Online - Season Four

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Oct 27, 2017 at 6:28 PM
Scattered around the continent of Myrland are ancient catacombs and sites that echo of civilisations and mysteries from another age in the distant past. Adventurers and explorers often stumble upon these places of interest as they traverse the varied landscape, not knowing who or what they will encounter within the recesses of seemingly derelict caves, ruins and other unusual locales. Located towards northern Myrland is a well-known dungeon that many call the Minotaur Cave, a dark and claustrophobic network of tunnels and caverns that extend deep into the Talus Mountains. It is also one of the most dangerous dungeons of all, guarded by nightmarish creatures that few have lived to tell the tale...

Patch Notes http://www.mortalonline.com/forums/threads/patch-notes-1-86-01-21.154639/

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02:53 - The Power of Siege Engines in the Hands of Player Guilds
06:40 - Some Wildlife Can Be Faster Than You Think
11:03 - My Favourite MMORPGs for the Foreseeable Future
14:32 - We're Going to Have to Go on Foot from Here
19:29 - Arrived at the Entrance, Hope for the Best
23:36 - They Don't Call Them Guardian Minotaurs for Nothing
26:26 - The Dark Tunnel That Leads to Eight-Legged Creepy Crawlies
37:18 - The Clothos Maiden Queen Herself
45:33 - What Could Happen When You Try Going Back In
50:28 - Know What You're Getting Yourself Into

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