Episode 25: Tibers Battles an Old Foe | Let’s Play: Mortal Online - Season Four

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Nov 10, 2017 at 1:30 PM
Spiders comprise a sizeable proportion of the diverse wildlife in the world of Nave, with different species occupying regions such as the grasslands, caves and mountains. The mountain spiders are known for their relatively large size, strength and power, relying on brute force rather than silk webs or acid attacks to neutralise their prey. Tibers has had numerous run-ins with these creatures in the past, having been wounded, chased or killed by them in his journeys. Now, with upgraded equipment and improved combat training under his belt, he prepares to do battle with an old foe.

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04:20 - The Journey Begins Here
10:54 - The Mountain Spider Is Just up Ahead
14:02 - We Need to Find a Way to Get past the Mercenary Mages
19:20 - A Warning about Swimming While Weighed Down
21:06 - This Is Simply Ingenious, Check It Out
25:12 - The next Giant Leap Forward in the Video Gaming Industry
27:10 - I've Heard That the Walls and Gates Have Come Down

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Valiant - Shades of the Abyss: https://www.positionmusic.com/#/track/MTA1MzI2Mi03ZGY0MTc/
Dystopic - Jo Blankenburg: https://www.positionmusic.com/#/track/NTQ4MTQ3LWMxMGM3OA/
Ultimate Contest - James Dooley: https://www.positionmusic.com/#/track/NDQ3NDkwLWYwODg2Yw/
Oath of Legends - Veigar Margeirsson: https://www.positionmusic.com/#/track/NTUwMzc1LTQyZmU4Nw/
Inner Strength - Veigar Margeirsson: https://www.positionmusic.com/#/track/NTUwMzg5LTMzNjRkMw/
Admission - Adam Peters: https://www.positionmusic.com/#/track/NDY1MjkwNi1hYTA3M2I/

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