Episode 3: On the Mainland, Just About Everything Wants... | Let’s Play: Mortal Online - Season Five

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Nov 13, 2019 at 5:56 PM
Good news: I’m happy to report that I have managed to further reduce the background noise in the audio, it should be a bit more tolerable from now on. :)

With the introduction of Haven, newcomers to the world of Nave have finally been given a place that will provide them with indefinite fledgling protection and a semi-continent to acclimatise themselves before heading out to the mainland, or remain permanently on the island should they choose to.

For those who accept the challenges and hardships that will face them on the mainland by leaving Haven, they will have to live with a much more brutal and unforgiving world where just about every creature armed with fangs, claws or other such appendages wants them dead, not counting aggressive humanoids.

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05:11 - These Look... Very Familiar
08:04 - From the Haven-Dweller to the Veteran of Countless Adventures
15:42 - Why I Think Many Sandbox MMORPGs Are Missing Out
17:10 - My First Time to This Player-Built Village
21:22 - This Place Is Perfect for In-Game Weddings
24:08 - Our First Encounter, Every Split-Second Move Matters
27:42 - If You Don’t Die to a Belbus’ Claws and Fangs
30:54 - You May Fall Prey to the Cougars, Dire Wolves and Bears
34:46 - The Most Dangerous and Unpredictable Adversary of All

New to Mortal Online and feeling a bit lost or getting ganked or stolen from a lot? See the complete playlist of the Player Progression Game Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9kTnYXChgvEnpnDdFDM--GOoP6gmklEu

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Vellication - Reynard Seidel: https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/JK5NjXdaSw
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