Hanging out with AHEEZYTRIBE and other vloggers at MOA! - My #Kwento

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Nov 20, 2017 at 5:37 AM
Posted by Anthony Smith
In this video we travel to the Mall Of Asia where some pretty cool vloggers were meeting up. I'm very greatful to these awesome people who welcomed me even though I was sort of crashing their event a little bit :) Everyones links are below. Be sure to check them out!

Other cool people in this video:
The Hungry Syrian Wanderer:
Erica Ahern:
Joseph - My Life In Metro Manila
Aheezy Da Islander

Remember that time I tried Filipino Street food?
You might remember when I tried and reacted to #Filipino fruit!
OOh I also put together some helpful videos for Expats visiting the Philippines like this one on how travel works.
And when I showed how Filipino bathroom etiquette works
Or that one time that my friends and I found the best Filipino fast food fried chicken
We did the same with Lechon Manok to find the best rotisserie chicken in the Philippines too!

Thanks for watching! If you read this far down use the word "Kwento" in your comment so I know to send extra love to :)

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