How I got My OWN STREET from the SERVER OWNER! | Minecraft Global SMP Season 3.14


Dec 14, 2021 at 6:37 PM
Posted by ninjajou10
In this video I troll SweatyAsUrPits (server co-owner) with...signs....and accidentally get my own street....damn. Another person joins the JouChurch and much more! I hope you enjoy this video. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE (press notification bell) and COMMENT for more ideas. LET'S GO FOR 16 LIKES!!!!

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It is all on Vanilla Minecraft 1.17 so it's a Minecraft 1.17 let's play and has Minecraft 1.17 gameplay. Although this isn't a Minecraft Challenge, or Minecraft But, or Minecraft Speedrun / Speedrunner, there were still moments such as a full NETHERITE armor or killing a lot of Shulkers but not the Ender Dragon since he was already defeated. This is not about me making a cult in Minecraft Global SMP but about me making a church with the god Joe called the JouChurch....yeah....Also I get my own street in Minecraft by trolling the server owner with signs which is kinda funny though.

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