Into The Aether With SpitFire - Alexander The Valkyrie

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Aug 21, 2017 at 7:41 AM
Posted by SampleNinja
After dispatching two bronze dungeons we set our sights on a silver dungeon and the valkyries within. This episode focuses mstly on dungeon crwling in the silver dungeon and walks you through an almost "how to" procedure for how to spot and handle the creatures within this dungeon. we encounter and fight two distinct mobs they are the:
**Mimic / False or fake chest. these mobs look identical to chests in every way however they pop to life when players click to open them.
**Valkyrie these angle-like creatures appear like apparitions when you enter their domain. they are noble creatures that will only attack you if provoked. Careful though these guys hit for some major damage. Check out my personal channel (it's more active!)
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