Into The Aether With SpitFire - Preperations for battle

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Aug 21, 2017 at 7:41 AM
Posted by SampleNinja
preparing for battle with the valkyrie queen from the wiki:
She is the second hardest boss in the Aether Mod. She rules over the Valkyries from her throne room in the heart of the Silver Dungeon. She looks like other Valkyries except she only spawns in her throne room. She can do considerable damage to you so it is advisable to have good armor and healing items. She, like all Valkyries, is a very honorable creature and will only fight you once you have defeated 10 Valkyries and collected their victory medals. Then, with the medals, you must right-click her with the stack of 10 victory medals. She will then tell you to fight her when you are ready. Once you strike her, the fight will begin. She is very strong and can do 3 hearts of damage with each attack. If you need to heal it is recommended you run away a from her and heall yourself at the same time. Also, she can send out orbs occasionally that, when they are out for a long time, cause damage in that area where the ball was. Every few blows you give her, she will teleport behind you, so if you see her dissappear then look behind you and be ready. She can also jump very high so keep your eyes on her at all times. Just keep on hitting her following a strategy that works for you. On death, she will (unlike other bosses who just drop a key) drop a silver key and a gold sword. A secret area will also open up with a dungeon chest that can be opened with the silver key. The rewards can be considerably good as well as the items you find in the Silver Dungeon. Check out my personal channel (it's more active!)
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