JEELP!!! | Jetboard Joust (part 2)

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Mar 8, 2021 at 1:33 PM
Posted by ninjajou10
In this video I play a game called Jetboard Joust. I hope you enjoy this video. Please like, subscribe and comment for more ideas. LET'S GO FOR 12 LIKES!!!!

The game:

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My setup:

Blue Snowball USB:
Mic arm (not the same but similar):
Pop filter (the cheapest one):
Sony DSCWX350:
Camera case:
Camera tripod:
Aula keyboard:
Aula mouse:
Aula mouse pad (similar to what I have):
Aula headset:
Main monitor:
2nd monitor:

maybe so other things I'm forgeting... oh well

#jetboardjoust #gameplay #jetboardjougame
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